Resident Evil Resistance Beta delayed on PC & PS4

By FileTrekker 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

If you're a PC or Playstation 4 gamer, and was looking forward to giving the open beta of Resident Evil Resistance a try today, then you're out of luck, as the beta has now been delayed on these two platforms, and for once, not because of Coronavirus.

Capcom site "technical issues" in a tweet for the delay, but stop short of giving any more specifics. The Xbox One version is unaffected though, and will go ahead as planned.

We're not sure when the issue will be fixed either, but according to Capcom, this won't affect the full release next week. 

The game will see you play as four survivors in a sort of Left-4-Dead meets Dead by Daylight style experience, as you work your way through a maze of traps set by a fifth player who takes control of Mr. X.

It comes bundled with Resident Evil 3 and release on the 3rd of April.


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