Respawn promise to double down on Apex Legends cheaters

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

I played some Apex Legends with James and Morgan this weekend, and it's probably one of the best Battle Royales I've played to date. It's a shame that cheating is a problem, though, with the game facing a lot of flack for people breaking rules and using hacks to get ahead. The game's also faced a bunch of DDoS attacks in recent months.

Respawn has promised to tackle the issue however, with the company announcing on Twitter it is "pursuing several options" to put the problem to bed once and for all, including doubling down on staff that manually ban cheaters, developing new tools, and looking into new ways to "quickly" catch and ban cheaters.

Respawn are pretty proactive in fairness, they banned over 700 high-ranking players back in March and has been strict about players exploiting newly found glitches and bugs, issuing warnings and bans. Apex is proving really popular though, and naturally, that brings with it cheaters. Ultimately though, these methods can only be so effective.

It's not like other similar games don't face the same problem either. Hopefully, they do find some effective ways to reduce, if not completely eliminate, the problem though.


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