Respawn warns Apex players to avoid animated banner poses

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Published by FileTrekker 1 year ago , last updated 1 year ago

Respawn has issued a warning to Apex Legends players not to equip animated poses, as it continues to investigate a bug that leads to game crashes when they're used. 

According to a tweet from the developer this weekend, unequipping the poses will "help cut down on crashes" until the team can roll out a fix later this week. They're also urging players to "tell their friends" and spread the word about the issue.

An image attached to the Tweet states that "there's currently an issue with animated epic poses which can cause crashes. We advise you to unequip these epic poses while our team works on a fix. Thanks, Legends!"

Some further details appeared on Reddit thanks to Respawn's RobotHavGunz, who stated that "there's no obvious reason - looking at the code - why epic (animated) banner poses should trigger this more often - I never saw this bug in testing, nor did QA, but I know the bug is happening," before going on to add that "I can definitely believe this post [that purports poses are causes the crashes] - that epic banner poses are triggering this more often because the bug is with a safeguard to make sure we don't try to run a pose on a character for which it doesn't apply. Maddeningly, it's not 100% [...] it doesn't happen every time. And, again, we had no reports of this during testing."

We'll be sure to provide any further updates on this as we learn them.

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