Restore Kanzuki Dynamic Ω9 to Street Fighter V

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Published by FileTrekker 3 years ago , last updated 1 year ago

Popular modder THEJAMK is back with another great mod for Street Fighter V, which brings back one of the rejected outfits from the game in it's full glory, the Kanzuki Dynamic Ω9, also known as "Iron Woman Kanzuki".

The new mod, which gives Karin a look not too dissimilar to Marvel Comic's "Iron Man", is one in a line of fantastic character mods from THEJAMK, who recently released similar mods such as Space Ryu and Rainbow Hip Mika, as well as porting Tracer from the game Overwatch.

The design is one that was originally intended for the game, but was rejected at an early stage of development. It's not exactly the same as the version seen in early media, as some parts have had to be filled in by the author's imagination, but overall the it looks almost exactly like the original designs.

The outfit replaced the default for Karin, and comes in both a red color, and it's alternative blue variant, and while there are one or two little issues currently, such as the face seemingly missing eyeballs during gameplay, and a lack of the original design's holographic tie, the overall package is very nicely executed, as we've come to expect from these mods.

The author is making updates, though. The visor for example has been made transparent, rather than solid, a much welcome improvement, along with improved textures.

You can download the mod now, for free, from the author's Patreon Page.

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