Rift exclusive Robo Recall comes to Vive via a mod

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Published by FileTrekker 5 years ago , last updated 4 years ago

There's something of a 'format war' currently ongoing in the Virtual Reality space, with the two main PC-powered platforms being the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, and surprisingly, some games are exclusive to one device or the other - or are they?

Robo Recall, a new game released just last week for the Oculus Rift, and free to those who own a touch controller, has already been modified to work with the HTC Vive. 

The mod uses SteamVR's Unreal Engine plugin to circumvent the artificial platform lock, but Oculus exclusive games have been playable to varying degrees of success in the past using a tool called ReVive. This is the first time that a game has been directly modded like this to work with the competing platform, though.

Naturally, given the two platforms are not apples to apples comparable, there are some quirks to running the game on the Vive. The Vive's room-scale 360 degree design does not play with the primarily forward-facing design of RoboRecall. Additionally, the button mappings for the HTC Vive wands are not quite right, beyond the obvious problems introduced in using a Vive wand to play a game designed for Rift Touch controllers.

As mentioned previously, this isn't the first time a Rift exclusive game has come to the Vive, the ReVive tool has a strong community backing, making a range of Rift games available to Vive players, but updates to Rift software constantly block ReVive from working. This new method may very well prevent Oculus from blocking this quite so easily.

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