Riot offering 'bug bounties' for Valorant's anti-cheat

By FileTrekker 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

Riot is keen to curb any possibility of cheating within Valorant and has deployed some aggressive anti-cheat technology in the form of Vanguard, which consists of a kernel driver that loads at boot, combined with a separate client to launch the game. 

Understandably, some players have raised concerns over this low-level system integration when it comes to privacy and security. In response to these concerns, Riot has announced a new 'bug bounty' for any security flaws found in the software that might compromise systems.

Bug bounties are used by software companies to try and encourage hackers to find and report bugs and flaws in software rather than exploit them. There's money to be made by selling tools that leverage security holes, so it's hoped that bug bounties are a more attractive counter-offer to those looking to make a quick buck from software flaws.

Riot confirmed Vanguard does not collect any personal data, except for what the "current" League of Legends solution does, whatever that means. I would have to assume that to work; the client at least has to report back anonymous hardware data and an IP address, though.

The company is offering bounties of up to $100,000 for information on security flaws within the software or driver, a fair sum of money. It's not a new idea, though, with many companies including Apple and Microsoft running similar bug bounty programs. 


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