ROCCAT Savu Review

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Posted on May 21, 2012, CJ Miozzi ROCCAT Savu Review

Gaming peripheral manufacturer ROCCAT Studios recently released the Savu, the “new king of optical mice.” A mid-size gaming mouse with an ergonomic right-handed design, the Savu sports a 4000 DPI optical sensor with a maximum polling rate of 1000Hz and performs reliably even without a mouse pad.

Measuring roughly 12cm by 7.2cm, the Savu offers a comfortable fit for an average hand, and at approximately 90g, is relatively lightweight. Gamers who prefer greater customization may be disappointed that its weight isn’t customizable, but the Savu’s mass felt just right to me.

The Savu comes with a braided cable, which is a big plus for me as a pet owner. While plastic cables are less likely to interfere with high-sensitivity gaming by being lighter and more flexible, they’re at once frail and strangely appealing to cats. Speaking from experience, it takes only a few seconds for a cat to chew through a plastic cable, and I’ve lost a number of peripherals because of this. A thicker, braided cable means I don’t have to worry about kitty ruining this mouse, and as a low-sensitivity gamer, the stockier cable doesn’t bother me.

A customizable rear light bar spices up the Savu’s aesthetics and can be set to any of 16.8 million colors. You can either color-code it with your keyboard and tower LEDs, or leave it on factory default and let it pulse through a spectrum.

Apart from the standard mouse buttons, the Savu comes with two additional thumb buttons. Other mice I’ve owned had extra buttons placed where I would accidentally click them while gaming, which is not an issue with the Savu — unfortunately, the downside is that the buttons are a little out of the way for split-second maneuvers. Still, I’d rather have to work harder to reach a button than accidentally toss a grenade when I just wanted to turn right.

One of these two buttons is the “Easy-Shift,” which, while held, gives every other button a second function, granting the Savu a total of 12 functions with less than half as many buttons. It’s a clean setup, but there is a learning curve to executing a command by holding down one button and clicking another.

What will you use these twelve functions for? Apart from customizing your own macros, you can cycle through up to five different user profiles, adjust sensitivity on the fly, and even start a countdown timer — perfect for timing pickups in arena shooters. While I would have preferred the option to switch to a graphical overlay countdown rather than an audible timer, I won’t complain about what is a neat feature.

The Savu’s scroll wheel offers more resistance than your average mouse and snaps cleanly between scroll increments. More effort is required to turn the wheel, but there’s no risk of over-scrolling, and you can safely press the wheel as a button without accidentally scrolling up or down.

Something I found truly unique about the Savu was its texture. I’m not proud to admit that sweat grime can rapidly build up on a mouse that I game with, but the Savu has remained completely clean after extended gaming sessions. The mouse’s sides have a gritty non-slip grip that feels somewhat like a skateboard — an odd texture that takes some getting used to and can be slightly abrasive to sensitive skin, but is worth the sweat-free experience.

The Savu’s driver firmware comes with a stats-tracking feature that includes 13 achievements to unlock — a fun little gimmick for the achievement-hungry gamer. While not terribly useful, this stats-tracker does provide some insight about the mouse’s durability: it survived 90,000 fast and furious Diablo 3 clicks over the past several days.

At the end of the day, the Savu delivers solid performance with a comfortable design and at a competitive price. With an MSRP of 59.99 USD, I’ve paid more for mice that could do less, and a combination of robust build quality, innovative design, and high-precision makes the Savu an easy recommendation.

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