Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break is coming next year

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

I love Rock of Ages, as you can tell by my terrible lets-play of the game over on our YouTube channel, so I am quite excited to see that the third game in the series has now been announced, and is set to drop sometime next year.

Coming in Early 2020, the new game will, much like it's predecessors, see players rolling boulders around crushing paper cutouts of peasants in their quest to bash through castle doors. One cool new feature this time around though, as the name of the game implies, is the ability to create your own levels and share them.

Of course, the usual single player campaign will return to take us on a trip through time, with "everyone from Caesar and Moctezuma to Krampus and the Spaghetti Monster" promised to make an appearance.

There's arcade modes, too, such as Boulder Avalanche, where you have to defend your base from a barrage of boulders, and Humpty Dumpty mode, which sees you bowling the aforementioned anthropomorphic egg in place of a boulder to see how long you can keep him in one piece.


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