Rocksteady committed to ensuring an 'inclusive culture'

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Rocksteady, the development studio behind the Batman Arkham series of games, as well as the upcoming Suicide Squad game, has released a statement responding to allegations that the company failed to address complaints of harassment and abuse back in 2018.

Earlier this week a letter was leaked to the Guardian newspaper, which was signed by 10 of the 16 women employed at Rocksteady at the time, detailing the complaints. The letter was written by former senior writer Kim MacAskill, who stated that the response to the letter was a "company-wide seminar that lasted an hour," going on to state that it felt that it was a way for the company to "cover their arses."

Rocksteady's statement, released on Twitter today, states that the company felt the letter from 2018 was seen as a "call to action," and that the company investigated all complaints, and took appropriate action including "discipline or termination of staff" in response.

The statement also notes that the company has since introduced "new ways" of ensuring it's a commitment to inclusion, including actively seeking feedback for the female portrayal of female characters in its video games. 

The company has also hired an independent third party to speak to employees confidentially, to ensure that the company's management is aware of any issues that may exist within the company, in order for them to be addressed. 

Rocksteady is also reaching out to any former female employees that have left the company within the last two years, to give them an opportunity to also speak in confidence also. 

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