Romans: Age of Caesar Beta is coming in early September

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Published by Digz 11 months ago , last updated 11 months ago

Firefly Studios, developers of the Stronghold games are announcing an open beta of their new and upcoming game Romans: Age of Caesar. The game is a co-op MMORTS from the well known studio that brought us Strongholds, the game looks to give players the ability to build your empire by establishing trade routes, sharing resources, battling barbarians and restoring Rome to glory.

Within a city you can have up to 16 players, the players must cooperate in order to rebuild Rome for all. You can collaborate with other cities in joining alliances or defeat them in PvP.  The end goal is work your way up to become Caesar, and this is done by building confidence with your political allies and play the game that could lead you to greatness or slip down to oblivion. Check out the first episode of the games "explained" series and make sure you head on over to the site to sign up to the open beta here.

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