GameFront's Top 5 Rome Total War Mods in 2021

By Digz 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

We are bringing back the nostalgia here at GameFront in light of the announcement of the remastered version of Rome Total War which you can read about here. We are going to bring you the top five mods for the original Rome Total War (and it's expansions) that we remember playing for hours and hours and never wanting to stop:

1. Europa Barbarorum

This mod presents a total conversation for the game including new factions like the Averni, Baktria and even play a full campaign as Pyrrhos and Epeirotes. The units have improved and changed up to give a more realistic feel. The campaign map has also changed with the provincial boundaries being more accurate as of 272BC. There's more ships, more units, new graphics and a new trait system. What more could you want from a mod?

2. The Fourth Age: Total War

This of course a Lord of the Rings mod, many of which have seen success in Total War games, and a lot of fans have been crying out for a Lord of the Rings Total War game for some time. This mod was released in 2016 and is about the Fourth Age, so beyond Aragorn and Frodo. It is a mod for Barbarian Invasion and tries to portray the Lord of the Rings world in this new age as accurately as possible. With a total conversion, you can really immerse yourself into Middle Earth!

3. DarthMod

I don't think you can have a Total War game without having a DarthMod. This mod was one that nearly everyone downloaded to improve the game in many respects. The improvements range from AI enhancement, gameplay mechanics, new maps and campaigns, new units, updated graphics and textures and new historical battles. The 2006 version got 75,000 unique downloads which is incredible and the file on ModDB released in 2012 has reached 158,649. It's hosted of course on other sites and I'm estimating it's way more than that. If you wanted a mod you could quickly install and improve your Total War gameplay experience, this was the one you had to have!

4. Warhammer: Total War

Bet some of these city names are familiar, Altdorf, Karak Norn... This mod was out in 2012 when Total War: Warhammer was hardly on anyones lips. It includes factions such as the Tomb Kings, High Elves, Kislev, Wood Elves, Dark Elves, Hordes of Chaos, Altford, Skaven and many more. They've totally changed the campaign map and they have brought about techniques to introduce spells into Rome Total War which I find to be absolutely amazing considering it's something the actual Total War development team did many years after. 

5. Napoleonic: Total War

Why play Napoleon Total War when you can play this mod instead? Released in 2008 (doesn't that make you feel old?) the game moves us forward in time to era of Napoleon for Rome Total War. It includes of course Napoleonic factions, units and a playable campaign sub-mod which will leave you with nothing but satisfaction as you pummel your enemy with lead.


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