RUMOR: Mass Effect 3 DLC ‘The Truth’ Due In April (UPDATED)

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Posted on March 14, 2012, Ross Lincoln RUMOR: Mass Effect 3 DLC ‘The Truth’ Due In April (UPDATED)

UPDATE: BioWare today announced that it would be releasing DLC to “clarify and extend” the ending of Mass Effect 3 as it stands, without adding additional endings or changing content. The Mass Effect 3 Extended Edition will include additional cutscenes and information about the ending and is expected some time this summer. We’ve got a full story on the DLC here.

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Mass Effect 3 Spoilers below. Read at your own risk.

Though an increasing number of fans are demanding significant changes, BioWare hasn’t offered up much in the way of comment about the the ongoing controversy over the end of Mass Effect 3. The closest they’ve come is an interview yesterday with Digital Trends, in which Casey Hudson appeared to rule out any change. Sorry guys.

Or did he? Yesterday, an image featuring what appears to be brand new classes for ME3 multiplayer made the online rounds. The story was that these classes would be unlocked in some upcoming DLC. Today however, Polish site CD-Action has posted what is claimed to be the full version of that graphic. The original graphic, seen at the top of this page, only seemed to indicate that it was associated with multiplayer. An anonymous poster has added additional commentary on the image that not only purports to clarify what happened with ME3′s ending, but makes almost unbelievable claims about BioWare’s DLC strategy.

The ending was half-assed because of the leak. They changed it at the last minute so they could have more time to prepare the real ending via DLC.

It’s called The Truth and it’s being released in April or May. You WILL be able to continue the story if you picked any of the endings. Your decision during that sequence will have a big effect on your ending of The Truth. The Truth adds two new sets of enemies, new classes, and multiplayer maps including “Firebase Hive”, which is a small area of the last remaining collector ship included in the DLC, which, by the way you should definitely bring Javik the Prothean along if you have him.

The picture here shows some of the leaked multiplayer classes and races. One race that isn’t shown is the Prothean Adept and Vanguard. This DLC also enables the ability for owners of the preorder and From Ashes DLC to find their DLC weapons in reinforcement packs.

All that content, and this might as well be labeled an expansion pack.

And it’s free.

You’re welcome.

I won’t deny I will hold out a tiny grain of hope that BioWare might fix the ending. The claim here that it was rushed out at the last minute, due to outcry over the leaked script, fits the wretched aesthetics and lack of clarity. If this turns out to be true, BioWare might manage win the love of players for all time. But of course, this is almost certainly bullshepard, most likely just some troll having fun messing with disgruntled fans by pretending to be a BioWare insider. I would expect BioWare to explicitly deny this rumor sometime soon.

A larger version of the full image, with the text, can be seen here.


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