Rumor: MS Unveiling Xbox 360 IPTV Service at E3

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Posted on June 4, 2011, Phil Owen Rumor: MS Unveiling Xbox 360 IPTV Service at E3

I’m probably going to cancel my TV after the NBA Finals end in a week or two, just because I’m paying way too much to watch the five channels I watch. Oh look, Microsoft might be trying to start up a TV service over Xbox Live! (via WinRumors)

As the rumor goes, the service will be called Xbox Live Diamond, and MS is rushing to get agreements in place for the be unveiling at their presser this week. the service would be a “virtual cable operator,” and so presumably you’d get most of the s–t you already get on cable or satellite.

I like the idea a lot, because there are a lot of advantages to IPTV, which I’ve been using for six months in the form of U-Verse. The biggest advantage, to me, is that changes can be made to the service instantly; I can order HBO, and bam there’s HBO, and then I can cancel HBO, the poof it’s gone. And, of course, the service provider can make changes to the lineup at will. Back during the Masters, U-Verse moved NBC to right next to ESPN in my channel lineup and added five special Masters channels, and so I had the most thorough and convenient Masters coverage possible.

There’s so much flexibility to it, and Xbox Live is as good a way as any to provide it because folks can get it without even needing an installation because they’ve already got what they need in the house.

I would bet that this rumor is true, and I hope it is. Just another reason to look forward to the big presser on Monday.


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