Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Preview

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Posted on July 6, 2007, Shawn Sines Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Preview


Eurogamer takes a look at Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. After dubbing the original Sacred as a Diablo clone, a good one but clone none the less, they are really impressed with what they’ve seen of Fallen Angel. The 2D world has blossomed into detailed 3D graphics which seamlessly stream, suffering no load delays anywhere in the game. The game makes full use of next gen effects pushing them to the limits. The world is vibrant with rich color schemes not commonly found in hack in slash games.

It’s a conscious decision on the part of the developers which sets the art style apart from much of the rest of the western RPG market, which seems obsessed with setting its adventures in a sort of brutalist, ill-conceived seventies housing development in medieval East London.

 Gameplay is always harder to nail down from just a demo, but looks every bit as promising. The game is a prequel set 2000 years before Sacred during the conflict between the High elves and the Inquisitors over “T-energy”.

trailere3sacred2.jpgThere are six player characters to choose from with the popular Seraphim returning as the force of light and new races including the Inquisitors as the force of shadow. The remaining four choices can be aligned with either light or shadow. The article goes into detail on the Shadow Warrior class which are Human Warriors resurrected to fight for the High Elves.

Armor sets are described as rivaling those in popular MMOs. Combat Art skills customization allows for a great range of personalization in character customization.

The article mentions multiplayer but doesn’t go into any real detail, so players will just have to wait for more information on that point.

With all the attention to detail, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel promises to be a groundbreaking hack n’ slash title.


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