Sadness to Bring a Bit of Noir to the Wii – Sounds Fantastic Actually

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Posted on April 15, 2008, Stephany Sadness to Bring a Bit of Noir to the Wii – Sounds Fantastic Actually


Emergent Game Technologies announced today that the crime-noir psychological thriller Sadness for Wii is being built on the Gamebryo game development platform. The first Wii title to be presented entirely in black-and-white is in development by Poland-based game studio Nibris.

Taking place prior to World War I, Sadness is a horror adventure game aimed at adults where players will need to confront their greatest fears and protect themselves in hopes of not getting trapped inside the main character’s nightmare. The game has eight different extreme endings each with their own premise, which are assigned to a player based on specific factors during the game.

To compliment the intense gameplay, the Wii-mote and Wii Nunchuk control the main character’s hands so players feel as though they are in the psychological thriller. Sadness is meant to scare the player with its atmosphere and various methods of playing include slitting the throat of enemies with glass or throwing a rope over a wall to hang them. The developer, Nibris, has stated that the game will have a special way to save progress by happening automatically during specific moments unbeknownst to the players so it can keep the feeling of reality.

Werewolves will be in the game as you can see by the concept art, although they will not have a whole lot in common with the more traditional aspect of werewolves. In the game, the werewolf is born human and when mature they will change during the full moon and will not regenerate after death.

Likho, is another creature in the game whose roots as in Slavic mythology as a creature with one eye, usually depicted as an old person. According to Slavic tribal legend, Likho was a good and peaceful creature that lived in and took care of the forest. Its name was associated with bounty and goodness; however, adults and elders ascribed to it all the worst attributes of an evil and very ugly creature – it had one huge eye, and a deformed human-like body.

Yikes! Sounds like Sadness is going to be another “must play” in my opinion, but I will try to quell my excitement until I can actually see a trailer that is not fake like the ones circulating on the internet. I only wish it was coming to a different console instead of the Wii.

I wonder if they used Mini Driver as the inspiration for the female character in this… the screenshot looks a awful lot like her – then again it could just be my imagination or wishful thinking (j/k).

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