Secret Neighbor studio Hologryph secures $3 million investment

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Hologryph, the development studio behind Secret Neighbor, has secured a $3 million investment from Tinybuild, who have now become the majority stakeholder of the company.

The two companies are not strangers - Tinybuild was the team behind Hello Neighbour, with Secret Neighbour being a multiplayer spin-off that was licensed out to Hologryph. 

Tinybuild also announced that the Hello Neighbour franchise has hot more than 60 million downloads since its release, across PC and console platforms, more than double the figure as of March of this year. This is some substantial growth during 2020.

Tinybuild's investment will be used to invest in new IPs and to gear up for development on next-gen consoles. Hello Neighbour 2 is also under development right now, and the alpha is available to try on Steam right now, for free.

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