SEGA is planning a Comix Zone and Space Channel 5 movie adaptation

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This is both a little unexpected and pleasantly welcome, but it appears that SEGA, likely pleased with the performance of the two Sonic The Hedgehog movies, are looking to expand into further films based around Space Channel 5 and, of all things, Comix Zone.

SEGA is apparently partnering up with Picturestart to produce the two movies, the same company that is also working on the upcoming Borderlands movie, launched by producer Erik Feig.

You'd be forgiven for not knowing what either of these franchises are, though, especially if you were born at some point after 1999. Comix Zone is a game I have many fond memories of, and was released on the Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive in Japan & Europe) in 1995. It was a pretty unique concept for a platformer, allowing you to play your way through an actual comic book, tearing down the border between the drawings, fighting enemies, and revealing the story through speech bubbles along the way.

Space Channel 5, on the other hand, was a rather obscure Dreamcast rhythm game with a rather unique Sci-Fi setting. You played as a journalist named Ulala, who found herself fighting hoards of invading aliens, as well as fellow reporters trying to steal the scoop. Apparently, the movie adaption will be a little different though. Simply named "Channel 5," it will see Ulala in the role of a fast-food worker who will be recruited to save the future from the invading aliens with viral dances...

As for Comix Zone, that will also apparently have its title truncated to just "Zone" (....ugh, why) and will apparently follow a young, queer comic book writer of color, who has become jaded with life, before unexpectedly finding themselves transported into the final issue of his own popular comic series, and having to stop a dangerous supervillain from causing complete destruction.

Interestingly though, SEGA game director Takumi Yoshinaga will be a producer on Channel 5, while SEGA veteran and producer Kagasei Shimomura will be a producer on Zone, along with Toru Nakahara, who also produced on both Sonic movies.


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