SEGA sells 350,000 retro titles in a month.

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 10 months ago

While SEGA has been running on nostalgia fuel for many years now,  it would be fair to say that their retro ports have always fallen somewhat short of the mark. That has all changed, however, with the introduction of the Mega Drive Classics Hub.

With the exception of The Taxman's amazing work on Sonic CD (Xbox, PS4, PC and Mobile), and the iOS and Android ports of classics Sonic 1 and Sonic 2, SEGA's classic title ports, while serviceable, have always varied somewhat in quality and failed to provide any particular value-add. Sales of SEGA's classic title library have been on the decline for many years, which is an important business for SEGA, who have in recent years tended to focus on selling mobile games, mainly via their extensive back-catalogue of games.

The new Mega Drive Classics Hub represents a major push from SEGA to add real value to their classic game library. Not only can you re-live your 90's childhood in full 3D, while enjoying all your classic Mega Drive titles on a virtual CRT TV, the main interest is the introduction of rom-hacks to the mainstream.

For obvious reasons, these rom hacks are pre-authorised before they are available to download, as there have been, to say the least, questionable if not downright illegal rom-hacks made for popular games in the past (need I mention Thomas in Sonic 1?) - but regardless, this legitimises what has been, until now, a very much underground movement, and brings it to the mainstream.

The move has clearly proved very popular, with over 350,000 retro titles sold in just one month since the launch of the new hub.

While no official developer tools have been released by SEGA (and probably never will) - there is a massive back-catalogue of rom hacks already out there, and plenty of great tools to mod Mega Drive games, most of which can be found on sites such as Sonic Retro.

What rom-hacks are you most looking forward to appearing on Steam Workshop?

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