Sega Working On Next-Gen Console?

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Posted on July 7, 2010, Phil Hornshaw Sega Working On Next-Gen Console?

dreamcast2According to software review web site, Sega is working on a next-generation game console to compete with the next offering from Sony and Microsoft.

Sega apparently is in talks with the U.K. company Imagination Technologies to come up with a “very high-tech” new console, even though it denied rumors of a Dreamcast 2 back in 2007. But unlike Sony and the PS3, Sega wants to launch the new machine for under $300, so it’ll be using some cheaper hardware.

Whether Sega can do it isn’t the question: the company was a serious and often groundbreaking contender in the consoles wars in the 1990s, and it probably could be again. What’s frightening is that Sega might actually do it and and could just as easily repeat the mistakes of years gone by.

Remember the Dreamcast? The Sega Saturn? How about the Sega CD? Or the 32X? All those were envelope-pushing Sega developments back in the 90s. Sega repaid its loyal customers by dropping support for each with hardly a game library developed.

We poor suckers who ponied up for a Dreamcast and Internet capability to play Phantasy Star Online were left holding a multi-hundred-dollar bag. There’s a reason Sega only does software now and because of several spectacular console failures.

Then again, this could be the Sega console we’ve been waiting for since the days of the Genesis.


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