Sessler's Soapbox: Play With Your Damn Kids!

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Posted on November 28, 2007, Ron Whitaker Sessler's Soapbox: Play With Your Damn Kids!

This week, G4 TV’s resident philosopher of the video game world, Adam Sessler, opines that parents need to play more games with their kids. Now, I’m all for this idea. I know that as a parent, I look forward to playing games with my son once he graduates from the V-Smile into something more appropriate, like a PS2. However, there’s a huge obstacle to this.

Basically, parents of the previous generation (like mine) didn’t grow up with video games. They grew up with books, radio, or TV as entertainment. Now, I was successful in my youth at getting Dad onto the NES on Christmas morning, but that was about the extent of it. I know there are some studies that say that only 43% of parents play games with their kids. I think Sessler nails the reason in the video above. Video games as a medium are still very young. They are still seen as being outside the realm of traditional ‘entertainment.’ Current products, like the Nintendo Wii, are bringing new players to gaming, but it is still a slow trend of acceptance.

As parents of our generation have kids growing older, the percentage of parents gaming with their kids will increase, both because we already play games, and because every year, games are becoming more and more accepted by mainstream society.

Thanks, G4 TV! (and thanks for including us in your video this week, Adam!)

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