Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough

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Posted on June 18, 2011, Kevin Thielenhaus Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough

With two of the most respected names in Japanese game design at the helm, Shadows of the Damned presents an exciting prospect. Suda51 and Shinji Mikami have been responsible for some amazing games, and Shadows, a third-person action shooter, promises to combine their distinctive sensibilities. From Suda, it’ll take punk rock attitude and zany ideas, like the protagonists pet skull, which can turn into guns, motorcycles, and more. Mikami’s involvement bodes well for a psychologically potent ambiance and terrifying creature design.

Another thing is almost certain: the game won’t be easy. Check back on release day for the first installments of a complete text and video walkthrough. Interested players should also take advantage of lists of achievements, trophies, and cheats.

This walkthrough is a work in progress. Content will be added as soon as our writer is able to play through the relevant sections of the game. Please bear with us as we work to bring you the best walkthrough possible.

Table of Contents

Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Act 4 Act 5

Act 1

Chapter 1: An Ordinary Life

  1. Welcome to Shadows of the Damned. The first act serves as the tutorial to the game itself, with some juicy demon-killing thrown in to make all this learning stuff more exciting. Starting in the hallway leading into Garcia Hotspur’s (Our hero.) apartment. With him is his trusty sidekick/gun Johnson, which isn’t a euphemism at all.
  2. Enter the bloody door ahead. You’ll learn have to quick turn, which is a very handy ability later on. Give that turn a try, if you’re familiar with Resident Evil 4-5 of Dead Space 1-2, you’ll feel comfortably here. There’s some wrinkles to the formula, we’ll go through all the surprises as they pop up.
  3. Run to the bedroom doors for a cutscene featuring the shocking death of a certain co-star. A normal demon will pour attack after the cutscene; for this act, you’ll have unlimited ammo. Shoot away!
  4. Blowing off a demon’s head is instant death, you can also shoot off the arms and legs. Taking off the arms removes an attack, while knocking off their legs will drop them on the ground. When on the ground, press the melee button to stomp the demons to death in a messy fashion.
  5. In the living room, another demon will drop out of the chandelier while two will break in through the balcony. Blast all three, and two more will appear behind you – give the quick turn a try while aiming to about face.
  6. Three more demons will jump onto the balcony. These demons are very slow, shooting them will stun them. They will charge and attempt to strike you, sidestep away or dodge left or right when you see a demon running right for you.
  7. Return to the bedroom and shoot down the three demons on the bed. With that, you’ve completed the tutorial and the first act!

Act 2

Chapter 1: Take Me To Hell

  1. After choosing a save file and difficulty, you’ll be whisked away into Act 2, a much longer act, trust me. In control of Garcia, you’ll notice the quarter circle in the bottom right corner of the screen: that’s your health bar. You also have access to the Boner – a pistol, and the Monocussioner – a slow shotgun, complete with ammo count.
  2. Interact with the gates of hell up ahead. Deal with the quick-time event by tapping the fire button. Interact with the door again after that little interlude.
  3. Step closer to One-eyed Willy (Ugh!) and he’ll take a flaming dookie. Believe it or not, this is your checkpoint system at work.
  4. Down the street, Johnson will teach you how to use the light shot. Use the light shot on the hanging lamp above the door down the road – it’s easy to spot lamps or anything that might generate light, they always glow gold and let off bright sparkles.
  5. Shooting the lamp with the light shot will brighten up the door down the road. Run towards it, and you’ll enter an encounter with demons jumping out of a wooden cart. The normal demons are just like the creatures you fought in the tutorial.
  6. You may notice that these demons drop white gems. White gems are your currency, so collect it whenever you see it. Demons sometimes drop boxing of ammo – glowing either red, green, or blue. The color corresponds with the weapon; red is for the Boner (Pistol), etc.
  7. Pry open the door under the lamp and enter the next street. You’ll be introduced to goat lamps, which work a lot like regular lamps, except that certain demons can switch them off. Be wary and run down the street, past the three hanging corpses.
  8. Beyond the hanged ladies, you’ll find a crying baby door seal. Every door seal requires a specific item to satisfy before they’ll open. Interact with the seal, and Garcia will spot Paula. Chase her back to the previous street.
  9. She’ll run up an alley into a door marked by a glowing gold ring. Open the door, pick up the strawberry, and return to the crying baby door seal.
  10. Use the stairs, in the home you’ll find some Hot Sake. Alcohol heals you, so always keep a fresh stock of booze to keep Garcia going. With both drinks, jump out the window and cross the street to open the door.
  11. Nothing inside the gruesomely decorated home, except a free Tequila bottle. After leaving, darkness will flood the streets. Run back and use light shot on the goat lamp before your darkness shield runs dry.
  12. Darkness will literally damage Garcia while he’s inside while shielding demons from his attacks. Garcia can shield himself from the darkness for several seconds before being hurt, but like swimming underwater, he needs to take a breath (Return to the light!) to refresh his darkness shield.
  13. Shooting the goat lamp with light shot will ward off the darkness. Goody! The main gates will now begin to glow gold, signifying that they’re open. Pry the doors open, on the other side you can find alcohol up some stairs to your right.
  14. Demons are waiting in the darkness ahead, use light shot on the glowing lamp to chase the monsters off. Bright golden light will damage demons, just like deep darkness will damage you.
  15. Move down the street until you’re stopped by a gate blocked by darkness. The odd tree you just passed will transform into a gang of demons as darkness floods the area. Johnson will point out a door to run through – follow his instructions, and shoot the goat lamp through the threshold. In the safety of the light, run upstairs. There’s some ammo and a poster to read! Collect the bottle of booze in the corner, and demons will burst through the windows.
  16. These demons are protected by a layer of darkness. Normal attacks won’t hurt them, you have to knock their darkness shields down first. Use light shot or the close range Johnson attack to destroy their shields. When the shield is down, these demons can be dispatched normally – with bullets, or bones and teeth.
  17. Look out the broken window into the darkness. Use light shot on the goat lamp on the other end, then jump out of the window now that the darkness is gone.
  18. The gates ahead are now open, but you’ll have to enter the hoary darkness yourself without a plan! Take the dive and run into the darkness. If you’re low on health, make sure to take a swig of booze before entering. You’ll have to take a little damage as you run through the thick darkness to the light on the other side.
  19. Back in the light, turn right and shoot the lamp down the alleyway. To the left, up some steps, demons will grab masks and attack. Masked demons are immune to bright light, and head shots won’t affect them. Otherwise, destroy them as normal.
  20. Up the steps, look in the darkness and blast the goat to light up the street. Run into the square where a giant meaty dead demon is laying. Garcia will comment as demons wearing pointy hats will arrive on a balcony.
  21. Pointy-hatted demons will charge and fire blood shots at you, they take time to charge, but you’ll have to dodge left or right to avoid them after they’ve fired. Once the two blaster demons are dead, three regular demons will burst through a door beneath the balconies. Check the back right corner for extra ammo if you’re in need.
  22. After dispatching the demons, run through the gross demon house and open the glowing door. Ahead is another baby seal closing the gate ahead. Turn left and enter the bar for some booze, you’ll find a vending machine inside too. Spend white gems at vending machines to buy drinks like Sake, Tequila, and Absinthe.
  23. Leave the pub and run down the steps to the right of the bridge. Some heavy demons are down there, so pick them off or shoot them with light shot to slow them down. One advantage of shooting normal un-shielded demons with light shot is that, while they’re stunned, you can perform a brutal kill by interacting.

Collect the strawberry from the big demon, and make sure to run under the bridge for three red gems. Use red gems to upgrade your weapons or abilities – Health and Power is always a good start. Red gems are very rare, so keep an eye out for them where ever you go in the Underworld! Before opening the main gate leading over the bridge, check out the baby seal along the opposite wall. Inside, you’ll find breakable crates, booze, and an extra strawberry. Feed the strawberry to the baby seal closing the gate onto the bridge, and cross the sucker. Crossing the bridge, a shadow hand will pull you into the darkness. Run down the only path available, collecting human hearts to refresh your soul meter – the meter that allows you to safely move around in the darkness until it’s used up from prolonged darkness exposure. The hearts, called Soul Boosters, will allow you to run through this cave to the exit without taking damage. Through the darkness cave, you’ll enter a square with a statue in the center. To your right, read the poster to learn more about light barrels. Light barrels are, well, barrels filled with light. Light hurts normal demons and removes the shield of darkness from Dark Demons. Ahead, you’ll find another baby seal underneath a Dark Core. Dark Cores are blue-ish hued circles that are connected with Darkness Vines. Darkness vines block the door to your right. The only way to activate a Dark Core is by shooting it while standing in the darkness. After Johnson comments on the Dark Core and Darkness vines, darkness will spread from the statue in the square. Enter the darkness and shoot the Dark Core to unblock the gate from Darkness vines. Also, be prepared to read a lot about darkness in this walkthrough. Enter the newly unblocked door and jump through the window to your left. Enter the darkness up the stairs, where you’ll be taken to a strange corridor. Follow Paula until a trap is sprung – things look grim, but turn left to find a goat lamp. Use light shot on the lamp to free yourself and return to the normal Underworld, as normal as it can be at least. You’re on the second floor of a house, pick up the Boner ammo and check out the vending machine down the hall. Through the door is a large white gem, collect it, then collect brain in the central hallway. Backtrack to the baby seal and feed that juicy brain to it. You’ll be entering a street with lots of light barrels, that can mean only one thing. Run down the street to the archways – you’ll find a red gem hidden behind the pillar. Fleming’s hand will appear to deposit darkness and dark demons nearby. Before you do anything, shoot the goat lamp above to spread light, that way the demon’s won’t regain their darkness shields. Use the scattered light barrels to remove the demons’ shields, then finish the ground off. Open the door near the entrance by the tree planter. Down the alley, you’ll find a ladder and a poster. Turn right to find free drinks and Monocutioner ammo. Run down the street to find a large white gem, you’ll only have to deal with the creepy sight of heads rolling down the hill. Climb the ladder and move through the street, there’s another poster to the right of the archway. Down the step under the arch, darkness will envelope the street behind the gates ahead. Shoot the gate lamp with a light shot, then deal with the two demons. Before leaving the area, break down all the wooden doors for ammo, drinks, and a strawberry. With the strawberry, run back up the stairs. There’s a baby door you might not have noticed just across the archway, open the seal for a bonus red gem. Run back down the stairs and through the gate where a disgusting pile of dead bodies awaits. Check out the poster on the right wall before you enter the darkness.

Make your way through the pure darkness corridor. On the other side is a golden door, open it for a cutscene. Boss time! This demon is fast, armed with a brutal spinning razor blade it swings as it closes in on you. Dodge to the left or right as it runs at you, and keep moving to escape the close range attack. The creature’s weak spot is the red core on it’s back. You can dodge to the left or right, then shoot it. Or, you can hit the demon with a light shot to stun it, knocking it around so the core will face you. Use light shot right away to remove the demon’s darkness shield. You can find more ammo in the corners of the arena. Dodge backwards as it swings, then fire your light shot to get a good look at the core. Shoot the core a few times until it turns around. Keep it up until the demon is destroyed. Collect the white gems before exiting through the door beneath the balcony. Run into the sewer and climb out with the ladder.

Up top, check out the poster on the right wall before kicking down the wooden door. Jump into the bloody waterway. Shoot the two demons in your way, and run up the ramp. There’s a wooden door to kick down. Through the wooden fence, you’ll find a bridge guarded by two blaster demons and a few regular demons down below. Deal with them, take advantage of the light barrels above and below. With those demons done, move on to the steps. Left of the steps is another drink, grab it and continue your journey. Kick down the wooden door at the top of the steps, and run back down onto the bloody street. Garcia will spot Paula again, and a demon will splatter against the right wall. Continue forward and open the door out onto another gory street. Just to the right is another dark core above darkness vines. Demons will attack, so splatter them, ahead are two baby seals. As you approach, a Darkness Hand will appear. Darkness Hands generate darkness as long as they’re around, the only way to shut them off is by sticking them with Johnson… moving on, run back to the dark core and wait for the darkness to arrive. Enter the darkness and shoot the dark core – the dead bodies scattered around will spawn more demons, so move fast. With the dark core destroyed, the vines of darkness will recede. Enter the door and shoot the goat lamp around the corner. Turn left and run up the stairs, collect the brain and jump into the darkness. In the darkness below, look through the archway along the left wall – there’s another goat lamp there. Activate it with a light shot. In the goat lamp’s light, enter the darkness. Use the brain on the baby seal against the back wall and climb the ladder around the corner. Interact with the hand to shut it off, then jump down and enter the newly opened walkway. Pry open the door down the street to complete Chapter 1 of Act 2.

Chapter 2: Cannibal Carnival

  1. Arriving, you’ll start at the entrance into the carnival, marked with piles of gore. A cutscene will introduce Garcia to the boss – George’s human form.
  2. George will stalk you through the confusing carnival that’s set up like a maze. Parts of the your path are blocked by stands you can jump through; these will handily slow down George’s pursuit of Garcia. George only attack at close range, so keep moving to avoid him.
  3. The human form of George can not be hurt with regular weapons, not even the light shot will slow him down. Instead, you need to wait for George to get near light barrels. Blowing up light barrels will knock George down and reveal his mask as his weak point.
  4. Wait for George to walk near a light barrel, shoot it, then shoot his head while he’s on the ground. Do enough damage to George, and he’ll retreat to rip the goat lamp off the wall.
  5. The goat lamp providing light to the area, when removed, will allow darkness to flood in. Look up for a stream of red light in the darkness. Run towards it to discover where George is hiding, and shoot the goat lamp inside one of the stands with your light shot.
  6. After shooting the goat lamp, George will resume the chase. Run away and use the light barrels to stun him. Do enough damage to George, and he’ll retreat to hide the goat lamp a second time.
  7. Finding the goat lamp for the second time is a little trickier, George will hide further away, so you’ll need to look for soul boosts to stay alive in the darkness while you search. Again, you can find his hiding spot by looking up into the sky and running towards the red light.
  8. When you find the goat lamp, shoot it with the light shot. George will start chasing you again, he’ll move much faster now. Taking down George a third time will defeat him… for now.
  9. Now that the fight is over, collect your prise. The blue gem will unlock a new weapon transformation for Johnson – the Teether. The Teether works like your standard machine gun, it fires fast but each bullet isn’t as powerful as a single Boner shot either. Use it for crowd control or to deliver lots of damage quickly.
  10. To complete the chapter, pry open the doors ahead.

Chapter 3: What a Wonderful World

  1. A new chapter and a new weapon, run down the alley and open the door into an open corner. Shoot the lamp across with the light shot. A single demon will retreat while a whole group of them will charge you.
  2. Take out the masked demons first, they’re the only ones that can walk through the light. The rest of the demons will cower when they step into the light, making them easy to dispatch. A few blaster demons will show up too.
  3. Moving on, there’s a door ahead. Inside you’ll find a drink before knocking down a wooden door. Check out the storybook here if you want to hear some of George’s back story. When you’re done, turn right and jump out the broken window.
  4. On a raised sidewalk, take the steps down and turn to follow the street towards a goat lamp. A new demon will spawn, the crawling demons will douse the goat lamps in darkness. Shoot the crawling demons as they wall-crawl, or shoot the goat lamp with a light shot to return the bright light and ward off the darkness.
  5. More crawling demons will appear. If they enter the darkness, they’ll gain a darkness shield. Make sure they don’t, blast them before they shut off the goat lamp. The crawling demons are fast on the ground, they only slow down when they try to climb walls. Dodge when the demons scurry close to Garcia, and be quick with your aim.
  6. When the demons are dead, the door inside will light up. Enter the house and jump out the window in the back. Turning left, you’ll see a lot of rubble. Run past the rubble to initiate a demon encounter.
  7. Inside the little rubble square, after the fly-through, run towards the wooden door and knock it down. Shoot the crawling demon through the iron fence before it douses the goat lamp. One demon will harass you, followed by two more, and another two in order as they’re defeated.

Clean up and enter the glowing gate up the steps – you’ll only find blue ammo and a demon inside the house. Run past a ladder around the corner and turn right to find some ammo with a strawberry. On the back wall there’s another poster, read it if you like before climbing the aforementioned ladder. Up the ladder, run through the disgustingly decorated demon house and jump out the window. On the street, turn right and run under the archway to find a bonus red gem. Run back to where you started, there’s a vending machine through the alley. Run towards the vending machine and you’ll be greeted with the sound of a phone ringing. Run towards the ringing phone. Just another vision, scare off Willy up the steps and overlook the next area you’ll have to trudge through. When you’re all ready and stocked up with drinks, jump down the ledge overlooking the darkness below. Jumping down, Johnson will point out the fireworks launcher. Interact and mash the prompted button to launch fireworks – the bright light of the fireworks will chase away the darkness for a short time after they’re launched. Launch the first firework display, then turn around and run for the door. Open it, ahead you’ll find your first instance of the meat doors. Meat doors raise when hit with your light shot. Some meat doors are connected with others, when one meat door raises, another lowers. For now, shoot the first meat door with a light shot – that lowers the second meat door. Just shoot the second meat door with a light shot too, no problem yet. Darkness will flood in as you try to shoot the second meat door. You’ll want to get out of the nasty darkness fast, so shoot the meat door with a light shot, then shot the third meat door leading into a pool of blood. In the blood pool, two demons shielded by darkness will attack, followed by a crawler. Take care of them like a good demon hunter. You’ll have to enter the darkness again, so shoot both meat doors ahead to reach Willy. Run up the steps past Willy, then down the steps into the darkness. Turn left and jump off the broken ledge into a square. Activate the only source of light around, the fireworks launcher, to keep yourself save for a time. Demons will ambush you in the light, so fight them off as quickly as you can. After destroying a crawling demon, a big guy will show up with the eyeball you need to escape. During this fight, you’ll know when darkness will return when the arena turns a dark blue. You may have to use the fireworks launcher two or three times during the course of the fight, the demons and darkness won’t hurt you while you activate the fireworks launcher. Feed the baby seal the eyeball, and run into the deep darkness ahead. Use the fireworks launcher at the top of some steps to clear that ugly darkness away, then continue up more stairs. Under the arches, you’ll find a door covered in darkness vines. Wait near the door and turn around, down the walkway is the dark core. Wait for the darkness to return, then shoot the dark core. Simple as that! The door is now open, get yourself back into the light and continue forward. Up the steps, you’ll find a creature called Christopher. This guy will sell you items for white gems; things like ammo, drinks, and red gems. Buying red gems for upgrades is your best investment here, but if you ever need ammo or drinks, Christopher is your demon-man. You can always find Christopher near glowing blue flowers. Ahead, you’ll find your first sushi lamp. The sushi lamp will move and protect you from demons and darkness by generating bright light. Shoot the sushi lamp with a light shot to get that sucker moving, and stick close to take advantage of the light. The sushi lamp will lead you into a tunnel filled with three demons. Blast them and shoot the light barrels in your path. Up the steps, you’ll find a cemetery. Run to the back right corner to find recently dug grave. Look closer and a demon-spawner will appear in the center of the cemetery. The demon-spawner is a large monster that generates a field of darkness around it. The creature fires darkness blasts from its mouth, but otherwise only spins in place. It spits out new demons to harass you while you take the monster on. To kill it, destroy all three of the dark cores between the giant faces.

The dark cores can only be damaged while Garcia is inside the darkness itself. Step into the darkness and shoot those dark cores! Don’t stay for long, remember to hop out to refill your soul meter. When the demon-spawner is destroyed, it will drop two huge white gems and a brain. Feed the brain to the baby seal to continue on your way. Use the vending machine then continue down the street towards the tower. Pry open the door through the tunnel to enter the tunnel.

After a quick loading screen, run towards the center of the giant tower. Interact with the chandelier to ride it. You’ll get a quick tutorial for controlling the chandelier, [Left Thumbstick] controls the swing, while [Right Thumbstick] moves the chandelier up or down. Swing the chandelier to destroy the dark cores on the tower walls. As you destroy the cores, the darkness will rise, allowing you to move higher. Nothing too complicated here, and nothing can kill you, so move up and destroy the core while collecting some of the many white gems floating around the tower. At the top of the tower, Garcia will jump off. Run towards the door and pry it open to complete the chapter.

Chapter 4: Riders of the Lost Heart

  1. Big boss fight time! Shoot the barrel on the left side of the street for a free drink, then continue through the open gate to find Christopher. Buy some red gems or whatever you need if you can afford them.
  2. When you’re ready, run towards the arena ahead to initiate the fight. This is George’s Beast form, and he starts by riding his demonic horse around the arena while whipping magic at you. The arena is surrounded by boxes of ammo, so if you ever need a refill, you know where to look.
  3. Dealing with phase 1 of Beast-George, dodge any incoming attacks and don’t stand in George’s way as he rides past you. Keep a good distance, and wait for the horse to crap. No kidding, the demon horse’s crap generates darkness.
  4. Wait for Beast-George to ride through the darkness, wait in the darkness yourself, and shoot the dark core on his back. The dark core can only be damaged while inside darkness, just don’t stand in the darkness too long.
  5. After shooting Beast-George’s dark core, he’ll fall and be stunned. Run to face the horse’s stomach, that’s where the core is. Shoot the core, after several seconds Beast-George will rise and jump to the center pedestal where he’ll throw magic spears. Dodge the spears while shooting Beast-George’s horse in its core.
  6. Shoot the core of the horse enough, and George will return to the ground and circle the arena again. Follow the pattern, keep your distance, dodge projectiles, and shoot the dark core while in the darkness generated by the horse crap. Shoot the core of the demonic horse, then shoot the horse’s core while on the pedestal.
  7. Run through this process three or so times to defeat phase 1 of Beast-George. With the horse defeated, Beast-George will grow to gargantuan size.

Phase 2 of Beast-George can be a little tricky, you need to destroy all the blood cores on the monster’s body. You’ll find a blood core on each arm, two on the front and back of his legs, plus three on his lower back. Beast-George’s main attacks are stepped on you and stomping the ground to create a shock wave. The shock wave is very large so keep a long distance and dash away while he rears back to stomp. Beast-George is slow in his new monstrous giant form, just run past him to shoot the blood cores on the back of his ankles and the three above his hip. After breaking a core, Beast-George will be stunned. Take this opportunity to shoot the blood cores on his back. I recommend the Teether to break the cores quickly. Stunned Beast-George will vomit on the ground, generating weird acid slugs that jump out of holes in the ground. Don’t walk on the green blotches and you’ll be safe. Destroy all of Beast-George’s cores, and he’ll piss into the fountain, generating pure darkness. Also, Beast-George’s guts will crawl out and wave at you. Shoot the bright red guts to finish the battle. Pick up the blue gem to unlock the Skullcussioner. Have fun!

Act 3

Chapter 1: It’s A Bughunt

  1. Starting the chapter on another eerie street, look on the left wall just ahead for a poster. Through the arch, look right to find a garden housing the always lovable creature Christopher. Check the back left corner of the garden for a free red gem.
  2. Down the main street you’ll see a wall of gross meat. Demons will crawl out of the… sphincters, and attack in groups. Retreat and use the man barrels along the walls to blow up the incoming demons. Faster and stronger demons will spawn after the previous wave until the tower door opens.
  3. Pry open the tower doors just left of the meaty wall. Step onto the stairs, and darkness will begin to rise. Just keep running up the steps, demons will drop down in front of you, but just ignore them. Kick through the wooden door at the top to reach the roof.
  4. Johnson and Garcia will trade banter until a giant demon with a spinning blade attacks. These creatures are still tough, remember to roll away from their fast swings and hit them with light shots to reveal the blood cores on their backs.
  5. Fight the bladed demon and his little demon sidekicks, when they’re dead you’ll need to shoot the goat lamp up in the bell tower. Run down the bell tower steps and jump into the hole in the ground floor.

One loading screen later, and you’ll find yourself in the stinky sewers. Take a deep breath and run through the first doorway. Nearing more meaty sphincters, crawling demons will attack at the junction. Fight the crawlers and the door to the right will unlock. Before opening the meat door, run to collect some ammo and a free drink near the sphincters. Then, when you’re ready, open the meat door with a light shot. The lights will activate as you run into the darkness, jump into the water down the tunnel. To your right is a baby seal you can’t open yet. Continue forward up the steps to collect the strawberry at the end of the tunnel. Crawling demons will appear, try to draw them out of the water where they’re easier to see. To the right of the strawberry is another tunnel leading towards some free ammo and a red gem. Backtrack to the baby seal. Open the meat door in your way with a light shot and feed the baby seal. Past the seal is another meat door. Just as you shoot it, darkness will flood into the tunnel. In the dark, shoot the dark core to the right of the darkness vines. The darkness vines will recede, allowing you to open the next two meat doors. Through those two meat doors is another dark core connected with darkness vines protecting the exit. Shoot the dark core to the left of the door, and open the door to escape the dark. I said there’d be a lot of dark, didn’t I? Light, light at last. A demon-spawner will dig out of the ground and attack. Use the Skullcussioner to blast all three of the dark cores while in the darkness surrounding the demon-spawner to destroy it. The Skullcussioner will make short work of all three dark cores. Collect the white gems and clean up any remaining demons to unlock the door out of this miniature arena. There’s a vending machine down one of the tunnels, the neon green lit tunnel, if you’re in need. Open the door to the exit. Through the door, darkness will flood into the tunnel. Shoot the first meat door, followed by a second, followed by a third. Look right and kick through the wooden fence where a dark core is set up high against the wall. Turn around and open the meat door protecting a darkness hand. Shut down the darkness hand by interacting up close, and you’ll be free of darkness once again. Further down the tunnel is a sushi lamp. Hit it with a light shot to get it moving. Follow the lamp down the tunnel, you’ll have to deal with some normal demons on the way, but they’re no problem. The lamp will stop at a slightly smaller tunnel, you’re going in alone. Not counting Johnson. Hop down into the water below, run through the tunnel, and jump into a square arena. Crawlers will ambush you inside, four of them, and they’ll go for the goat lamp. Protect the goat lamp at all costs, as long as you keep moving the crawling demons won’t be able to land a hit on you.

The arena itself is loaded with goodies. You’ll find light barrels, ammo, and drinks scattered around – some of which are hiding under the arches. After destroying the crawlers, regular and armored demons will enter the fray. Armored demons are slow but tough, carefully aim and shoot their chests to hurt them. When the regular demons are dealt with, you’ll have a boss fight! Maras Grim is the first of the Sisters Grim. Don’t take her lightly, this battle can be tricky if you don’t know what to do. Maras Grim teleports around the arena and throws a wave of scythes forward. Hide behind a pillar or dodge twice to the left or right to avoid the attack. Don’t bother shooting her yet, just keep dodging. After two or three of the scythe attacks, Maras Grim will summon darkness. The darkness can be warded off by shooting the goat lamp, but that’s only if you’re really desperately low on health. What you need to do is back-up against one of the corners and wait for Maras Grim to charge you – she’ll fly towards you while glowing brightly. Shoot her with a light shot as she closes in, if you miss she’s likely to swing her scythe and damage you. If you’re able to hit her with a light shot, she’ll be stunned and her core will reveal itself. Blast the core until the light returns. She’ll try to weave around your aim, so it’s best to wait for her to charge. Run through the process three or four times to defeat the first Grim Sister. Collect your blue gem, you’ve earned it. The Boner is now the HotBoner. Let’s give this sucker a test drive, open the exit door and run down the tunnel, you’ll find a vending machine on the way. Up the stairs, you’ll find a large cracked wall. Before breaking it down, look right – fire an explosive HotBoner shot at the smaller cracked wall. Shoot the HotBoner shot to make it explode, destroying the wall and revealing a red gem. Break the crate too for a large white gem. The cracked wall requires seven HotBoner shots. Fire one at each of the seven red circles, then shoot them to set off a chain reaction that’ll bring the whole wall down. Run through the wrecked wall and pry open the door to exit.

Chapter 2: My Dying Concubine

  1. The chapter begins in a cave, but it doesn’t last long, run forward to exit into a forest. The main goal is right, but turn left for some goodies.
  2. Shoot the glowing log with a HotBoner explosive shot, run down the path blocked to find a cracked wall. Hit the cracked wall with seven HotBoner blasts to knock it down and find a free drink and a red gem.
  3. Back at the cave exit, look right for a glowing ledge. Jump down onto the dirt below and run into the opening ahead. A short cutscene will introduce you to a giant demon carrying a log. He’ll lumber after you, swinging the log and stomping around. The creature is slow, and the weak point is the bright goggle on its forehead. Dodge backwards when it is close and lay into the eye to defeat this monster.
  4. Run to the rickety wooden bridge stretching over the lake. You’ll see that the bridge is dotted with fireworks launchers, a sure sign that darkness is in Garcia’s future. As you close in on the baby seal, darkness will spread. Use the fireworks launcher to ward it off.
  5. From the baby seal on the bridge, make a 180 degree turn and run towards the shore. The brain you need is on the pedestal, but of course Fleming won’t make it that easy for you. His hand will cover the brain while demons attack.
  6. On this small bit of dry land, you’ll find ammo in the back, and more importantly you’ll need to use the fireworks launcher. Use it whenever the darkness returns while fighting the demons that appear. Destroy all four demons, collect the brain, and feed it to the baby seal.
  7. On the bridge ahead, demons will crawl up to attack. Use one of the two fireworks launchers, then ignore the demons trying to attack you – just run to dry land at the end of the bridge. You’ll find a vending machine and a goat lamp, activate the goat lamp and you won’t have to keep using those fireworks launchers.
  8. Now that you’ve got some light, take out the remaining demons and press on through the glowing door just near the goat lamp. As you cross the bridge, a cutscene will drop you into the water. Nothing to find here, continue on the path.
  9. Back on land, you’ll find some meat doors that open and close cages. Keep these in mind for later. As the path bends right, look left for an alcove containing a red gem. Turn right to find a dark core and darkness vines.
  10. You need darkness to break the dark core. Open the meat cage right of the door containing a crawling demon. The crawler will ignore you and go straight for the goat lamp. Hey, now there’s darkness! Smash the dark core, shoot the goat lamp to bring back light, kill the crawler, and open the door out of here.
  11. Another bridge! Run across it and into the clearing where certainly no demons will try to ambush you. There is indeed a giant demon, but as you’ll soon see, darkness kill these huge monsters. But, when killed by darkness, the giant demons spawn four normal demons.
  12. First order of business is to bring back the light. Look for a long path, the one the giant demon originally stalked towards you from? At the far end is a slab holding a goat lamp. Bring back light, and kill the four pesky demons.
  13. After those four are gone, another armored demon will crash out of a mausoleum. The armored demon is now completely covered in armor. The only way to damage them with by blowing off their chest plates with a HotBoner explosion. Either land the charged HotBoner shot on the armored demon itself, or lay a trap on the ground. When the chest armor is off, just blast the exposed demon skin beneath with whatever weapon you have handy.

Run over the bridge now that the exit is open. The bridge will promptly collapse, and to open the way forward, you’ll need to follow the screams of Paula as she’s dragged around the water. Follow her upwards, just beyond her you’ll be able to spot a glowing log. Blast it with HotBoner and take the red gem. There’s also a vending machine in this upper section of the traversable water. Paula moves below the broken bridge now, look out for the respawning demons or just ignore them as you follow Paula. She’ll wait for you. Finding her for the third time, she’ll leave behind a strawberry – just the strawberry you need to make the baby seal happy and get out of this watery dump. Look left as you step through the baby unsealed door. To the right of Willy is another baby seal, to the left is an unlocked door. With nothing to feed the baby seal, you’ve only got one option. Head through the unlocked door and into the clearing beyond. You’ll face two giant demons in the clearing. Either kill them by regular means, or free a crawler to bring darkness down to kill them instantly. The giant demons take a lot of bullets, so freeing the crawler is the easier of the two options. Kill all the demons and the hand of darkness will let Garcia take the brain. Exit through the door and interact with the baby seal to open it. Ahead, Paula will run into the cave entrance. Turn right and follow the shore to find a cracked wall with some bonus items inside. Destroy the wall with HotBoner explosives to find a large white gem, a drink, and a red gem. Not too shabby, right? Now, back to the cave entrance. Run inside and follow Paula, you’ll find Christopher being his own giant demon self near. Pry open the door nearby to complete the chapter.

Chapter 3: As Evil As Dead

  1. Just as the chapter begins, Paula will begin chasing Garcia! She’ll kill you instantly if she so much as touches you, so sprint down the path ahead. Shoot the first inactive lamp you see, and turn left.
  2. Further ahead, you’ll find a cracked log blocking your path. Destroy it with a HotBoner explosive and activate the lamp just beyond that with a light shot. Activate the next two lamps as you run, and you’ll eventually find an arena ahead.
  3. Run into the circular opening to initiate a boss fight. The second of the Grim sisters, Kauline Grim is a far trickier fight than Maras. Kauline is very similar; she floats around while throwing scythes, teleports around to attack in melee range, and can only be stunned by a light shot after she summons darkness.
  4. First, to dodge her scythe throw, dodge to the left or right twice. There’s no cover here, so there’s nothing to hide behind. Don’t get caught between the two scythes she throws.
  5. Second, when Kauline summons darkness, she’ll split up into decoy versions of herself. Back up against a corner and wait – at first, you’ll know the real Kauline from the decoy because the real Kauline always charges to attack. Do enough damage to her, and the decoys will attack too.
  6. Later in the fight, Kauline will spawn a dozen copies and you’ll have to pick the real one out of the crowd. Look for the Kauline with a bright red spot in her torso, that’s the blood core you need to hit with a light shot. When she’s stunned, blast the core until the whole process begins again.
  7. Destroy Kauline’s blood core four times to complete the battle and collect your blue gem as a reward. Except, as you approach the gem, Fleming’s hand will steal it and drag it into the darkness. Go after it!
  8. In the pure darkness, run straight forward to find the blue gem, or turn right at the junction to find a bonus red gem. The soul boosters will keep Garcia alive. If the demons on the path block your way, dodge through them.
  9. The Teether is now the TeethGrinder! The gun fires at twice the speed but with half the precision. Still, all those barrels look bizarre enough. The weapon is great for crowd control, but not so great at long-range shooting.

Follow the path around the corner and past the baby seal. Take a step past the seal to activate a swarm of demons to hop the fence in the darkness ahead. Waves of demons will attack Garcia, so take advantage of the TeethGrinder now for a little fun. The swarm of demons ends with two armored demons. You know what to do, blast off the armor with a HotBoner shot and take the slow demons down. Collect your eyeball as a reward and feed it to the baby seal. Just through the baby seal is a sushi lamp. Activate it and stick close, this sushi lamp gets tricky. Enemies will attack from all sides as the lamp slowly works it way in circles around the field. Masked demons will get in close – a good blast from the Skullcussioner will destroy their masks, even the armored demons’ masks aren’t immune to the Skullcussioner. While following the sushi lamp, a new appear will attack you without warning. The amputated demons are fast creatures that attack with their bladed arms and legs, while looking real ugly doing it. Their arms, legs, and head have been replaced and are immune to damage. Shoot the torso to kill those demons. The sushi lamp will lead you towards a barred door, blast all the barrels quickly. The lone barrel to the right contains a red gem, it’s your lucky day. Eventually the sushi lamp will lead you to the steps of a cabin. Clean up the remaining demons from the safety of the porch. When all the demons are defeated, Paula will run towards you. Quickly open the door inside to escape her! Inside the cabin, you’ll find a few crates and barrels. Break them for a free drink and ammo.

Before long, demons will burst through the window and fight Garcia at close range. Use the Johnson attack to bat the demons away, and use light shot to stun and brutally destroy the demons while you’re near. Destroy enough demons, and Garcia will fall into the basement. There’s another story book if you’re up for a fairy tale, or just exit through the unlocked door. Up the stairs you’ll find good ol’ Christopher. Leaving through the open fence, Paula will begin chasing you again. This chase is a little trickier, turn left in the darkness ahead and hit the lamp with a light shot. Just down the road is a cracked log, destroy it with a HotBoner explosion and continue dashing forward. Running into a larger open area, a demon will appear. Past him is the strawberry you’ll need to open the baby seal forward. Through the baby seal is a much larger open area where two demons will attack and a sealed cabin. This is the tricky part, you need to destroy both demons while avoiding Paula, then collect the food to feed the baby seal to escape. It sounds easy, but Paula is faster than she looks, and you’ll have to dash and dodge to escape her grasp. If she so much as brushes against Garcia, he’s dead. When both demons are dead, collect the eye and feed the baby seal. Inside the cabin, after a cutscene, break the barrels and check out the poster if you want. When you’re ready, leave through the unlocked door. Back outside, Paula is gone, but the amputee demons are back and they’ve got new tricks – they can teleport now. Follow the smokey darkness and fire a light shot to stun them long enough to destroy them.

Take out the demons and a cutscene will trigger. After the cutscene, Mr. X has defeated the boss for you and left behind a blue gem. The gem upgrades your shotgun, turning it into the SkullFest 9000! The SkullFest 9000 can load up to four skulls to fire at once, just by holding the trigger down. This is a very handy gun for large or slow opponents, or just for doing lots of damage in one blast. Continue forward through the arch, turning left you’ll see a cave entrance with a group of demons milling around. They’ll stalk towards you, now is as good a time as any to give the SkullFest 9000 a test run. Inside the cave, you’ll find Christopher and his many goods. Prepare for a boss fight next chapter, and pry open the door to complete the chapter.

Chapter 4: The Bird’s Nest

  1. Eliot is just down the cave slopes, you’ll find him waiting through the stone gate and on the long bridge over the magma pits below. If you think you’re man enough, run down the bridge’s length to face him.
  2. The fight begins with Eliot’s Beast-form flying high above the bridge. Eliot brings with him a handful of deadly attacks you’ll soon be familiar with.
  3. For starters, Eliot will often distance himself from the bridge and fly circles around the arena. Don’t bother shooting him yet, wait for Eliot to hover near the bridge with his bright red blood core easily visible. The HotBoner and the TeethGrinder will give you the best odds of hitting the core.
  4. Eliot’s main attack is his giant tongue. While hovering near the bridge, Eliot’s bird head will rear back and lash its tongue forward. The tongue is fast, dodge before you see it coming.
  5. The bird boss will also launch glowing red feathers while at long-range. When the glowing feathers land on the bridge, darkness will cover the area. The only way to ward off the dark is by destroying all the glowing feathers with light shot.
  6. If you don’t know where Eliot is at any given time, the spotlights are always pointing at him.
  7. After destroying the first of the blood cores, two more blood cores will appear on his wings. These cores are wide enough to make good targets even for the SkullFest 9000 fully charged.
  8. Now with two cores exposed, Eliot will use a third attack. At long-range it will dig out a huge boulder and throw it at Garcia. The best way to deal with the boulder is just to shoot it with whatever gun you have available until it breaks apart.
  9. While standing near the bridge’s ledges, you can be knocked off by Eliot’s tongue attack. You’ll be prompted to mash a button to save your life, so it isn’t instant death.
  10. When both wings are destroyed, Eliot will land on the bridge itself and stalk towards you. He’ll jump and attack from the opposite direction if you’re far enough away, while constantly trying to lunge or stomp on you.
  11. To hurt Eliot, you first need to shoot the glowing feathers under his belly with a light shot. With the feathers cleared away, you’ll have a good shot at his core. Now you only need to shoot the core and dodge forwards or backwards depending on where Eliot flies next.
  12. Destroy the blood core, and Eliot is no more. Instead of leaving behind a real blue gem, it leaves behind a card. What a gyp!
  13. Jump into the dark hole in the billboard, it takes you to a pure darkness cave. Shoot open the meat doors in your path while collecting drinks. There’s no soul boosters here, just drinks – you’ll have to heal yourself to stay alive in this area, or just be quick before you take too much damage. Your goal is the strip club ahead. Get inside to complete the act.

Act 4

Chapter 1: The Big Boner

  1. Welcome to the Underworld’s red light district. Featuring big demons and bigger boners, this chapter is one long shooting gallery. Run to the ledge to get a good look at the giant demons before using the telephone.
  2. Apparently Johnson is really into phone sex. Just a reminder is enough to get him going.
  3. The shooting gallery begins now, there isn’t a lot of strategy to any of these sections – you just need to shoot the giant demons are they appear. Quickly change between the three lanes and shoot the giants. Each giant takes three shots to kill, or one perfect shot to their core.
  4. Quickly switch lanes to check for giant demons. The first demon appears down the central lane, you can tell when a demon is dead when it reaches for the sky. The death animation is long, so you don’t want to waste time checking to make sure each giant demon is dead before looking down the other lanes.
  5. One two appear during this first section, but some of the giant demons will run instead of walk. These fast giant demons should be your first priority. If any of the giant demons reach you, it’s instant death for Garcia.
  6. Here’s a partial list of where and what order the giant demons will appear; center, left, right, center, right, left, center, right (fast), left (close), center (fast), right.
  7. That completes the first of three waves. Jump into the billboard and run through the darkness. Wait for Paula’s giant, partially nude body to create a bridge (?!) for Garcia before running over her to find the exit.
  8. Use the phone on the other end to activate the next shooting sequence. You still have three lanes to deal with, but this sequence will be markedly tougher.
  9. A (hopefully) complete list of where and in what orders the demons appear for the second shooting gallery: right (fast), center, left, left (close, fast), center, right (fast), right, center, center (close), left (fast), right, right (close, fast), left (close).
  10. Another complete shooting gallery, jump into the billboard again. Run through the pure darkness and use Paula as a bridge, again, luckily this time you won’t have to wait for her.

One last shooting gallery, with five lanes this time. Use the phone to get started. Here’s the wheres and whens: center, far right, right (fast), far left, left, left (fast), right, center, far left, right (fast), right (close), far left, far right, far right, far right (fast), far left, center, left, right. That’s the last gallery, jump through the billboard to complete the first chapter of this act.

Chapter 2: Great Demon World Village

  1. Now… Garcia is in his own side-scrolling shoot-em-up game. Yeah, weird, but we’ll make it through this strangeness together. Start by getting used to the controls.
  2. Mostly, Garcia will only need to shoot straight forward, but aiming does help. Garcia is a big target, and slow. He can move forward okay, but he’s downright sluggish trying to move backwards.
  3. Follow the instructions, aim up and down, shoot your gun, and use light shot. To escape the tutorial, shoot the red core of the projector.
  4. Demons will pop up to attack you as the stage scrolls forward. Stay near the back and never let go of the trigger. There’s no reason to stop shooting, at least, there’s no reason to stop shooting yet.
  5. White gems will sometimes appear, often leading you towards deadly areas. Go after the gems as they appear, but if the screen scrolls too far, just give the white gems up.
  6. Garcia will constantly take damage when touching a demon, destroy or avoid them to stop taking damage. In this form, Garcia isn’t very tough, his clothes will come off before he starts bleeding.
  7. As you near a building, grab the health if you’ve taken damage. Smash the glass window with a steady stream of pellets and fly inside. For the next section, you’ll be flying in and through buildings, if you don’t smash the glass you’ll die as the screen scrolls over you.
  8. Leaving the second building, a special weapon will appear. Special weapon pick-ups grant Garcia a powerful special weapon with limited ammo. Don’t waste it just shooting randomly, target the demons ahead and blast them.
  9. Stick near the back of the screen as a rule of thumb. Demons will pop out everywhere, mostly around the front or center of the screen.
  10. Ahead, you’ll seen Justine holding a torch. Shoot her to activate a checkpoint. Past her you’ll find your first goat lamps. Shoot the goat lamps with light shot to banish the darkness. Any demons that touch the darkness will gain a darkness shield that also needs to be banished, which is a real pain in this side-scrolling perspective.
  11. Activate all the goat lamps and kill the demon blocking the window. Inside the building, a group of demons block your path while shielded in darkness. Fly up and activate the goat lamp, then destroy all the demons in your path after deactivating their darkness shields.
  12. Shoot the checkpoint as you break out of the building, then smash the window to enter another. Now you have a switch, a shielded demon, and darkness to deal with. Shoot the two demons that drop down from above and fly into the alcove below. A crawler will attack, hit it with a light shot and destroy it.
  13. The opening to the goat lamp is now clear, fire a light shot and destroy the demon blocking the switch. Hit the switch with a light shot to activate the elevator.
  14. Fly to the third floor and stay near the back as demons drop down. Collect the drink and ride the elevator down. Use the special weapon you’ll collect and shoot through the hanging demons. Two demons will drop down into your path as you try to move backwards. You’ll have to fly under them and shoot up to destroy them.
  15. Fly backwards, up and around to shoot the goat lamp with a light shot. Destroy the hanging demon and the screen scrolling will speed up. You’ll collect another special weapon, use it to destroy the hanging demons in your path and break open the three windows.
  16. Outside, swarms of demons will jump through the area. Shoot through or around to until you find white gems in the shape of a heart. Every shoot-em-up stage ends with white gems in a heart pattern, which means this chapter is almost over.
  17. A little screen scrolling leads you to the end of the chapter.

Chapter 3: Ghost Hunt

  1. The next chapter starts with a new and shocking enemy type. The electric demons will teleports to the cracked plugs scattered around th
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