Shovel Knight: The Baz Reborn & More Kickstarter Easter Eggs

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Posted on June 30, 2014, GameFront Staff Shovel Knight: The Baz Reborn & More Kickstarter Easter Eggs

Meeting its funding goals on Kickstart and then some, Shovel Knight’s developer Yacht Club Games added backer-made characters, portraits, modes and more. Check out everything we’ve found so far in the entries below.

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The Baz Reborn & More Kickstarter Easter Eggs

Found more Kickster-related references and Easter eggs we’re missing? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks to Shovel Knight’s Kickstarter success, several Easter Eggs and references were included in the final product. Let’s check out a few of them below.

The Baz is In

The amazing wandering boss known only as Baz appears in Shovel Knight’s overworld map. This obscure hero was designed and included by Matt and Woolie of the TwoBestFriends Zaibatsu — a.k.a. theSw1tcher channel on Youtube.

While only named Baz in Shovel Knight, the character also made a playable appearance in DiveKick thanks to another generous donation from Matt and Woolie.

Baz is also set to appear in the Kickstarter game Colossal Kaiju Combat as Mecha-Baz.

So where does Baz come from? The character was pulled from the ashes of rejected Street Fighter design sketches. Although his planned name is unknown, the words “Zubaz” were prominently displayed across his chest. Hence, this Road Warriors-inspired grappler was forever known by the loud moniker.

Director for a Day

Included Baz, there are four Wandering Traveler bosses in Shovel Knight. Backers that donated $1,000 unlocked the “Director for a Day” reward, where they could help design and implement enemies or boss enounters.

We’ll list them all below, and who they were designed by.

  • Reize – Danny D. Henderson
  • Mr. Hat – Alexander Hatzikides
  • Baz – Matt and Woolie
  • Phantom Striker – Steven Ness

An additional enemy was also implemented and designed by a fifth backer.

  • Liquid Samurai – Max VanDuyne

Phantom Striker, Reize, and Baz all randomly appear in the Overworld while travelling to each location. From here, you can fight these optional bosses.

To fight Mr. Hat, you’ll need to find him in the second Village area. He’s located in a hat shop. Go inside and bother him to start the fight.

New Game+

After reaching the $100,000 stretch goal, New Game+ was added to the finished product. Once you complete the final challenge and complete the main game, you’ll unlock a new mode in the main menu.

Once selected, you’ll be able to replay the game with all your unlocked armors, feats, magic, and upgrades. Everything carries over, but the difficulty is increased with dangerous new changes like trapped health platters and a decreased number of checkpoints for each stage.

Gender Swap Mode

To be more inclusive, Shovel Knight’s developers included this mode after reaching the 160,000$ stretch goal. Not only is Shovel Knight swapped into a lady, Shield Knight becomes a gentleman. Prepare to face off against the Enchanter, rather than the Enchantress.

While not included in the release version, this mode is expected to land in the near future. Ready to fight gender swapped version of the Order of No Quarter?

Hall of Champions

Anyone that donated at least $200 to Shovel Knight’s Kickstarter campaign are immortalized in the haunted Hall of Champions. The pixel portraits hanging on the walls of the structure represent all 123 backers.

Kickstarting Careers

Turning in Music Sheet #23 (Locate it and more with our Shovel Knight: Music Sheets Locations Guide) leads to a funny little reference to Yacht Club’s humble beginnings.

Giving the Bard in the first Village area Music Sheet #23 doesn’t just reward you with the $500 gold bounty, but also results in this quick line of dialogue: “My first publicly performed lair theme. You might say it Kickstarted my career!”

Developer Logo

Not content with just throwing in Kickstarter references, backer faces, new bosses, and additional modes Yacht Club Games also threw their pixelated logo into the proudest of their knight lairs.

Right at the start of Pridemoor Keep, simply jump left and smack the passage ceiling with your deadly spade. The entire wall will crumble and reveal Yacht Club Games’ logo in the sky.

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