Silent Hill 2 Remake is alive and well as dev pleads with fans to stop asking

By FileTrekker 3 months ago, last updated 3 months ago

It's been over a year since Konami announced that developer Bloober Team would be working on a remake of Silent Hill 2, so it's understandable that a few fans have become nervous about the status of the project, especially amid industry-wide cancellations and job cuts. The good news is that Bloober has confirmed the project is indeed alive and well.

The bad news is they have nothing more to share right now, with the studio asking fans to be patient and wait for Konami to reveal the details as the game's publisher. For those unfamiliar with Bloober, they're the developers that worked on a number of popular horror genre games including Layers of Fear, Observer and Blair Witch.

Bloober confirmed things are "going smoothly" and that the game will “attain the highest quality,” but released a written statement that stated "we kindly ask for a bit more patience. Once Konami, as the game’s publisher, shares more information, we are confident that the wait will be worthwhile.”

“As Bloober Team, we are proud to be a part of Konami’s plans for the Silent Hill franchise,” they wrote. “Alongside our partner, we are diligently working to ensure the Silent Hill 2 remake attains the highest quality. On behalf of our development team, we would like to clarify that the production is progressing smoothly and in accordance with our schedule. We understand that many players around the world are eagerly anticipating news about the game, and we appreciate your dedication.”

The remake sits along something of a revival for the Silent Hill franchise, with Silent Hill Townfall, Silent Hill F, and the rather odd interactive web series Silent Hill Ascension also being pushed by Konami right now.


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