Silent Hill 2 Remake is "Technically Ready" according to developers

By FileTrekker 2 months ago, last updated 2 months ago

Bloober Team, the developer behind popular horror games such as Blair Witch and The Medium, has recently updated the public on developing the highly anticipated Silent Hill 2 Remake. According to the CEO, Piotr Babieno, the game is "technically ready", meaning the product is almost finished. However, there are still some factors that need to be taken into consideration before the game can be released to the public.

Babieno stated that the issue of the release schedule is not in their hands as it is up to their partners to determine the game's promotion and release date. While the game is almost finished, it still needs to go through some final stages of development before it can be released to the public.

Bloober Team's new strategy involves moving away from environmental storytelling and focusing more on mechanics recognizable to a broader audience. This means that Silent Hill 2 Remake may have a different feel from the original game, but the company assures fans that they will still stay true to the horror genre.

Silent Hill 2 Remake has been rumoured to be nearing completion for a while now. However, it all depends on Konami, the owner of the Silent Hill franchise. While Bloober Team has expressed interest in remaking more Silent Hill games, they ultimately depend on Konami's approval.

Fans of the franchise have been eagerly anticipating the remake, and Bloober Team's announcement that the game is almost finished is sure to excite them. Silent Hill 2 Remake will be available on the PlayStation 5, and after its launch, it will be available on other platforms, including PC.

In conclusion, Bloober Team's announcement that Silent Hill 2 Remake is "technically ready" is excellent news for franchise fans. While the game is not yet finished and still needs to go through some final stages of development, it is exciting to know that it is almost complete. We can't wait to see what the final product looks like and hope it lives up to the expectations of fans of the franchise.


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