Skull and Bones boosts Assassin’s Creed Black Flag player count

By FileTrekker 2 months ago, last updated 2 months ago

When Assassin’s Creed Black Flag launched way back in 2013, its hugely successful sea physics and ship combat inspired Ubisoft to create Skull and Bones. Imagine the pirate ship bits from Black Flag, but extracted into its own standalone experience, more or less.

A decade later, the hype around Black Flag is a distant dot in the rear-view mirror, and games like Sea of Thieves have taken the pirate craze to its all-time highs. The concept is a little passé now, and this is perhaps best illustrated by the fact that, despite being over a decade old, Black Flag has seen a huge jump in player numbers since the release of Skull and Bones.

Since Skull and Bones released on February 16, gamers have been inspired to go back to Black Flag instead, with the player count actually increasing by a factor of thousands. Before the release, Black Flag averaged just 900 concurrent players, compared to about 3,200 per day post-release of Skull & Bones.

Perhaps part of the explanation for this is that Skull and Bones is only available on the Epic Games Store or Ubisoft's own launcher. Clearly, the desire to partake in some sea-fearing fun is still out there, but a number of players are unwilling to make the leap from Steam to an alternative platform to play. 

Rumour has it that Black Flag is also getting a remastering, which seems like it might be a smart move, given the metrics. Personally I quite like Skull and Bones, it has a degree of atmosphere and charm I enjoy, although it isn't without it's problems, sometimes feeling like you're wading through treacle with random, pointless tasks constantly being bombarded at you.


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