Skyblivion returns to Cyrodiil in new trailer

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Published by FileTrekker 1 year ago , last updated 9 months ago

The long-running project to port the world of Oblivion into The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim released another brand new trailer this past week over at TES Renewal Project, showing off their latest progress and running a Q&A livestream.

The Skyblivion mod aims to re-create Oblivion inside Skyrim, and a new four minute trailer, below, shows off several of these locations, including Cyrodiil, the capital of the Tamriel, as well as several cities, ports, and wonderful vistas and mountainscapes.

The video showcases the team's hard work over the past year, which not only includes new environments: a lot of work has also gone into new NPCs, quest lines, and all-new voiced dialogue, as well as new creatures and enemies.

The team have been working on Skyblivion for several years now, but the developers are now starting to shorten their "to-do list" and state that "the end is now in sight", which is no doubt welcome news for fans of the project who have been waiting for updates. There's no release date or timeline for completion of the mod currently, but the group is still looking for new modders to help out with scripting and the creation of assets.

The team also did a Q&A session via live stream recently, in which they discuss their progress and explained the development cycle in more detail, which you can watch here.

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