Skyrim: Dawnguard – How to Find Arvak the Skeleton Horse

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Posted on June 26, 2012, Kevin Thielenhaus Skyrim: Dawnguard – How to Find Arvak the Skeleton Horse

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Skyrim’s first expansion takes you to a spooky plane of Oblivion where the undead roam freely, but you can find a faithful companion in the form of Arvak the Skeleton Horse. Stop playing hide and seek in the ghostly realm and learn how to discover this spectral horse. Once acquired, this horse can be summoned at will. It can’t be killed, and it can’t be lost, making it one of the most convenient companions available. Mix that with the new mounted combat in the new patch, and you’ve got a good friend. Get all the details on Arvak below.

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How to Find Arvak the Skeleton Horse

  • During the Main Quests of Dawnguard, you’ll travel to plane of Oblivion called the Soul Cairn. Here, you’ll need to hunt down a special Elder Scroll.
  • After completing the quest “Chasing Echoes” you’ll have access to the Soul Cairn whenever you want to return.
  • While on your quest with Serana, you’ll return to the exit portal. On the path back, you’ll hear an NPC yelling “Arvak! Arvak!”
  • You can speak with the souls yelling for Arvak, or you can find Arvak’s Skull in the Soul Cairn. It’s in an area with four pillars, surrounded by Wraith enemies. If you collect the Skull, you’ll unlock the side-quest and a waypoint will show you back to the NPC to complete.
  • Bring the Skull back to the soul and you’ll unlock the power to summon Arvak at will. Enjoy your new undead horse.
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