Skyrim: Dawnguard – How to Turn Your Spouse Into a Vampire

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Posted on June 29, 2012, Kevin Thielenhaus Skyrim: Dawnguard – How to Turn Your Spouse Into a Vampire

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Is there a spark missing in your virtual marriage? In Skyrim, you could get married to tons of different characters throughout the open world, and Dawnguard adds one little layer to marriage. You didn’t read the title wrong, you can turn your lover into a predator of the living. Complete enough work for the Volkihar Vamps, and you’ll be given the opportunity to live forever in darkness with your one true love. Find out the full details below.

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How to Turn Your Spouse Into a Vampire

  • Before you turn your spouse into a Vampire Lord, you’ll need to join the Volkihar Vampire faction. It isn’t so hard, but if you’re worried you might miss it, we have a page dedicated to joining the vampires.
  • Learn how to join the Vampire Faction and become a Vampire Lord right here.
  • Now that you’re in the Vampire club, you’ll need to have yourself a spouse. You can’t turn your spouse into a vampire without a spouse, and the vampires won’t offer to help you if you don’t already have a spouse to turn. Don’t worry, we can still help you.
  • Learn how to get married, and see the full list of NPCs you can marry right here.
  • You’re now a vampire with a spouse. Talk to the many vampires around Castle Volkihar, and complete side-quests for them. Several side-quests will do.
  • Here’s a short list of the vampire side-quests you’ll need to complete: Ancient Power, The Hunt, Protecting the Bloodline, and Culling the Beast.
  • Don’t worry about completing all of them. After a few are completing, you will be pointed toward the vampire Vingalmo.
  • Speak with Vingalmo and he’ll tell you that your spouse can be made into a vampire.
  • Then, all you need to do is go to your spouse and use Vampire Seduction. While they’re seduced, feed on them like you would any other victim.
  • Return to Vingalmo, and the quest will be complete.
  • Now you can live forever with your spouse as damned creatures of the night. Enjoy!
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