Skyrim: Easter Eggs

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Posted on November 15, 2011, Kevin Thielenhaus Skyrim: Easter Eggs

Fallout 3 had them, Oblivion had them, even Morrowwind had Easter Eggs, and the developers at Bethesda weren’t about to leave The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim without these hidden treasures. Sometimes funny, sometimes a reference, even sometimes pretty useful, you’ll want to check out these hidden easter eggs scattered throughout the open-world of Skyrim. These things are everywhere, and I think we’ve only scratched the surface — there are more Easter Eggs out there, so keep an eye open and help us make this a comprehensive list of Easter Eggs in Skyrim.

For help getting through the vast world of Skyrim, check out our huge text and video walkthrough. If you’re looking for more extras like this, we have just the solution with our cheats page.

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Easter Eggs

Find Juib the Prisoner from Morrowind on our Dawnguard DLC Easter Eggs page. Complete his quest with our text and video guide here.

M’aiq the Liar

  • The Khajiit with the funny voice has emigrated to Skyrim. Beginning in Morrowind, and moving on to Oblivion, M’aiq spouts off lines and commentary about features or items that were left out of the game in development.
  • M’aiq travels on the roads of Skyrim, and can be very difficult to find. If you do spot him, make sure to follow and talk to hear one of his many quotes.

Stolen Sweetrolls

  • In Skyrim, many NPCs will ask if your sweetroll was stolen. This is a reference back to Morrowind, in which one of the questionnaire questions that determine your class referenced sweetrolls.
  • Also, in Fallout 3, the bully steals your sweetroll early in your young life. The stolen sweetroll is a running easter egg from Bethesda.

Oblivion Easter Eggs

  • Used the “Summon Spectral Assassin” spell to summon Lucien Lachance in ghost form. He is the recruiter from the Dark Brotherhood in Oblivion.
  • A giant mudcrab husk can be found in Whiterun Hold, in the fields surrounding Whiterun. This mudcrab is dead, but continues the tradition of having mudcrabs in every Elder Scrolls game.
  • In the Dark Brotherhood faction house, read Cicero’s Journal Volume 1, he references the Adoring Fan at the Arena in the Imperial Capital.
  • Find a mage named Nelacar in the Frozen Hearth Inn, in Winterhold, and try to talk to him. If you fail to persuade him, he will reference a “Lusty Argonian”, he is referencing an in-universe book from Oblivion and Morrowwind called “The Lusty Argonian Maid.” The book can also be found in Skyrim.

A Song of Ice and Fire Series

  • The city of Winterhold may be a reference to the city of Winterfell in A Game of Thrones. Both are located in the frozen north, and both have leaders that are ignored and called traitors.

Historical Themed

  • There is a company called the East Empire Company — likely a reference to the historical East India Company.

Alice in Wonderland

  • Finding Sheogorath, he is having a teaparty in the middle of the forest. This is similar to the Mad Hatter in the Alice of Wonderland, not to mention that Sheogorath is the Lord of Madness.
  • Sheogorath, technically, could be considered the Player-Character from Oblivion, if you completed the Shivering Isles expansion!

The Headless Horseman

  • At night, on the road leading to Northwatch Keep, you can spot a ghostly headless horseman riding on the road. If you follow him, he’ll lead you to a graveyard full of skeletons and a treasure chest. Unlock the chest with a high lockpick skill to find some enchanted weapons.


  • The town of High Hrothgar is named off a character in Beowulf named Hrothgar. Simple, but true!

Star Trek

  • In Ivarstead, you can find a woman named Temba Wide-Arm. In an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Darmok, a repeated phrase is “Temba, his arms wide.”

Monty Python

  • When fighting, enemies will often yell, “It’s just a scratch!” which may be a reference to the black knight, said after his arms and legs are cut off.
  • While watching Roggvir’s execution, he’ll yell “Get on with it!” which is similar to a scene with the same line at the end of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


  • On the top of the Throat of the World, on the highest peak, you can find the Notched Pickaxe. The pickaxe is the tool of choice in Minecraft for mining, while Notch is the name of Minecraft’s lead developer.

The Legend of King Arthur

  • South of the Broken Tower Redoubt, there is a place called Rebel’s Cairn. You’ll find a pile of stones with a sword sticking out of the top. This is a reference to the sword in the stone.
  • Northeast of Bleakwind Basin, you can find a pond with a skeletal arm holding a sword. This is a reference to the lady in the lake.

Choose Your Own Adventure

  • A Choose Your Own Adventure book called Kolb and the Dragon can be found in the Jorrvaskr in Whiterun, or in the Radiant Raiment in Solitude.
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