Skyrim's amazing Enderal mod is coming to Special Edition

By FileTrekker 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

If there's one issue with Skyrim Special Edition that is still not fully resolves, it's the sometimes broken compatibility with mods for the original Skyrim release. Thankfully, one of Skyrim's biggest and most popular mods is now getting ported to Special Edition, with Enderal making it's way to the updated version of the game.

The team behind the mod, SureAI, stated they weren't going to port the mod to Special Edition, instead choosing to focus on their standalone game release - but in something of an ironic twist, it's fans of the mod who are now undertaking the work to port the mod to Special Edition, with some added benefits. 

The Special Edition version of the mod has smoother image quality, better lighting effects, and improved performance and stability. They are also exploring the possibility of a VR version of the mod in the future, which would be awesome.

You can check out the initial version of the Enderal SE mod on NexusMods, with there's also a standalone version coming to Steam in March 2021, for those who don't want to tinker. 


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