Skyrim Script Extender for Special Edition delayed indefinitely

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Published by FileTrekker 5 years ago , last updated 4 years ago

For those holding out for Skyrim Script Extender before playing the Special Edition version, there's some bad news this week, as the author has announced that it has now been delayed indefinitely from it's mid-March release.

SKSE64, which mods such as SkyUI rely on in order to be able to work, has been much anticipated since the Special Edition of the game was released. It allows mods to hook into the game in ways that they otherwise not be able to do so. Many common and popular mods are relying on it before they're able to release.

While the team has not gone so far as to say the project is cancelled, they have stated that for various, it would no longer be a focus, citing real life as being a factor in not being able to complete the work within a reasonable timescale. One of the lead developers, ianpatt, elaborated further on the NexusMods forums;

[quote=ianpatt]I don’t really have any good news. A large amount of the core code (papyrus support, scaleform support, etc) is ready, but the layout of most of the game data classes still needs to be verified as unchanged from the 32-bit version.

I haven’t had any time to work on this for the past few months due to work, and I assume the same is true for Stephen. Making time estimates for full-time professional engineering projects is very hard, and this is far from that. Again, sorry for getting people’s hopes up.[/quote]

While most users understood the reasons behind the delay, a vocal few have led complaints against the project for failing to deliver within the timescale that was promised. In response to some of these criticisms, the team further explained the difficulty in finding people with the free time and, more importantly, the required skills, to make it happen;

[quote]There are very, very few people with the specialized skills and tools needed to work on this type of project. Anyone who has those skills and tools along with the time and motivation to work on the project can easily contact members of the team. The most likely to be able to help in any meaningful way would be the handful of people who have written SKSE plugins. The rest of us just need to wait patiently.[/quote]

Ultimately, the message is that, while the mod is not cancelled, if you're holding out for SKSE64 before playing Special Edition, you may be in for a longer wait than originally planned.

Will you continue to wait for SKSE64 before playing Special Edition? Are there any mods that you simply can't live without? Let us know in the comments below.

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