Slender Man Game – Secret Modes & Unlockables

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Posted on September 7, 2012, Kevin Thielenhaus Slender Man Game – Secret Modes & Unlockables

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Slender might be terrifying because of it’s minimalist presentation, but that doesn’t mean indie dev Parsec Productions didn’t include a few secret bells and whistles onto their explosively internet famous horror game. If you’re able to collect all eight pages, you’ll unlock several new modes that alter the game in small but important ways. Learn how to unlock each of these modes, and what they change in our list below.

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Secret Modes & Unlockables

Daytime Mode

  • How To Unlock: Find all 8 Pages in the regular game mode.
  • Changes the game from night to daytime, making completion easier. The brighter environment means you won’t need the flashlight, which attracts the Slender Man more when used.
  • You’ll also be able to watch Slender Man stalk you the entire time. Have fun!

Marble Hornets Mode

  • How To Unlock: Find all 8 Pages in the regular game mode.
  • Based on the Youtube series Marble Hornets, this mode portrays the game as a found video tape.
  • The page counter is removed, as is the page collection sound effect. Static borders are added to the screen, and your visibility is decreased. You’ll also have to contend with new page locations.

20$ Mode (Removed in v0.9.7)

  • How to Unlock: Complete Daytime Mode
  • In this Easter Egg mode, the game is identical to the regular mode save for one change.
  • Every time you spot Slender Man, you’ll hear a sound clip from the song “Gimme 20 Dollars” by Ron Browz instead of the usual static. Slender Man just wants his 20 dollars.
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