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Posted on September 7, 2012, Kevin Thielenhaus Slender Man Game – Tips & Tricks

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Survival doesn’t come easy in Parsec Production’s indie horror experience Slender: The Eight Pages. As you search for eight of the titular pages scattered around an empty forest, you’ll be hunted by the mysterious Slender Man. This evil suited entity can only move when you’re not looking, but that won’t keep you safe. It takes time and effort to complete this terrifying game, but the paranormal investigators at Game Front have some tips and tricks to make your stay with Slender more manageable. Check out our survival tips below.

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Tips & Tricks

In Slender: The Eight Pages, you’ll need to collect Eight Pages to complete the game. While you’re collecting pages, you’ll periodically face off against the Slender Man — a ghoulish creature in a suit with a blank face. There are ten page locations, with the eight pages randomly switching locations for each playthrough. As you collect more pages, the danger increases. Slender Man will chase you faster — but there’s a catch. Slender Man can only kill you if you’re looking at him. One trick to completing Slender, is by collecting the very first page, then wondering around until Slender Man appears. Once he appears, never turn around to face your back. Never spin around, never double-back. The best way to complete Slender is by taking every page around the area in a circular manner, so you’ll never need to backtrack. To make this easier, use the Slender map found here. The multiple bathrooms in the center of the map are the trickiest part. Search the bathrooms for a page early, or Slender Man can trap you inside. If you know where you’re going, shut off the flashlight to make it harder for Slender Man to chase you. Alternatively, don’t sprint often, the faster you run the faster Slender Man will chase you. When you collect the sixth page, Slender Man will always spawn directly behind you. Don’t turn around or you’ll die instantly! In game terms, Slender Man literally cannot move when you spot him. He’ll only get closer when you look away, then look at him again. Use this to your advantage by lining yourself up so your perspective on the Slender Man is blocked by a tree or other surface, while you only see a small portion of his body. Especially make sure your view does not look at his face. Back away, and Slender Man will be stuck until you’re out of range.

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