Sniper: Ghost Warrior Walkthrough

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Published by Ben Richardson 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago

There’s almost no room for error when you’re trying to take a malevolent dictator with a high-powered firearm at 2,000 yards. There’s even less when the future of an entire Latin American population is at stake. Don’t screw it up! Consult our detailed Sniper: Ghost Warrior walkthrough.

Act I


  1. At the outset of the game, you’ll get a quick tutorial on how to play. Follow the instructions and pick up the assault rifle with X when prompted.
  2. Take out the targets (down the shooting range) behind you, and reload with X.
  3. After that, hold Left Trigger to aim down the sights of your gun and take out the distant targets. After that, you’ll be given the option to skip the training and go straight into the game.
  4. If this is your first time through the game, and especially if you’re playing on a harder difficulty mode, you should stick around for the training. You get a sniper rifle next and start to learn about the physics that affect where your shots go.
  5. Practice with the targets down the hill. Try adjusting your aim and learning how wind and distance affect where the bullet ends up. It’s especially educational to fire at the fourth target (the one 430 yards away) — your bullet drops significantly by the time it gets there.
  6. ACHIEVEMENT: For more practice, turn your sights on the birds circling overhead. If you can tag all 10 of them (every bird you can see) you’ll unlock the “Fallen Eagle” Achievement.
  7. Get used to adjusting your sights with the Up and Down arrows on the D-Pad, and to holding your breath by pushing L3. Take your time and pay attention to where your shots fall. Trial and error will teach you to be a good sniper.
  8. After a pretty standard stint of grenade training following your sniper rifle work, you can skip to the story or go to stealth training.
  9. This is pretty simple. Go into the hiding area and just lay down in a bush. Wait for the recruits to fail to find you by not moving.

Mission 1: One Shot, One Kill

  1. Follow the instructions of your spotter as he gives them. Start by moving to the first marker, then to the second. Stay down when you go.
  2. At the next marker ahead, you’ll be told to take out one of two guards. Line up your shot and fire when instructed for an easy headshot.
  3. ACHIEVEMENT: While looking down the scope at your prey, press and hold L3. This lets you go into Focus mode, in which everything goes into slow motion, enabling you to make your shot. Kill 15 enemies using Focus, and you’ll get the “You Have to Focus” Achievement.
  4. Move up to the next marker. You’ll have to jump a low wall to get there. When you arrive, duck down and crawl forward.
  5. A soldier appears ahead of you. Shoot him from here (you can use your pistol if you like by switching to it with Y).
  6. ACHIEVEMENT: Better yet, push Up on the D-Pad and pull out a throwing knife. Tag the guy ahead with it along with nine more like him to unlock the “Flying Knives” Achievement.
  7. Beyond him, move to the next marker, which is in the middle of the path. Then, immediately run to the marker in the bushes to your left. You need to hide from a group of enemies advancing up the road.
  8. If you get to the marker, you can hide and sneak past the guys as they go by you. Anywhere else and you’ll be spotted and have to fight them.
  9. Move on to the next spot. Duck behind the low wall and listen to your spotter’s instructions. Get into a crouch, and when he tells you to run, quickly stand up and dart across the road to the next marker, then go prone again.
  10. Crawl along the ground to the next marker. Your spotter can’t help you past this point, so you’ll have to sneak through the ruins without him.
  11. Just ahead, around the corner to the left, is a single guard on patrol. Hit him in the head with your pistol to drop him, and stay low to the next marker.
  12. You’re behind a low wall. Look over it for a wooden structure with stairs. On it is a guard — snipe him when you’re ready.
  13. Follow the rest of the markers until you get to the sniping spot and meet up with O’Brien. There’s nothing else in your way if you stick to the path.
  14. You’ll climb up a sandy hill, then cut down near a fence. Continuing up the hill, you’ll find a cliff where you need to drop down. Stop there and look toward the map marker ahead that you’re going toward.
  15. Raise your rifle and look for a soldier to take out. Keep moving forward and you’ll be prompted to pull out your grappling hook. Throw it by pressing and holding RT, then climb it using the Left Stick.
  16. Drop from the rope when you get to where you’re going. Keep moving forward and meet up with your spotter.
  17. Move up to the sniper spot and look for the marker below — that’s where you’ll be shooting. Keep your gun up as you listen in on enemy transmissions.
  18. Take your shot at the general. You’ll see a cutscene before things get messy. The general escapes your attack, and you have to chase him down.

Pursuing the General

  1. Pull out your rope when prompted. Hit the tree above you and climb down.
  2. When you hit the ground, pull your rifle back out and take out anyone who’s shooting at you — probably a guard on the building just ahead, and one behind him.
  3. Now move carefully around the side of the yellow building ahead, staying in the bushes along the left side of the level.
  4. NOTE: You can check inside the building, if you can get there. On the wall near the door to the front is a First Aid Kit with healing syringes in it. Going there is risky, however, as more guards will likely see you.
  5. Keep moving around the side of the area toward the map marker. You’ll come to some pipes — crawl under them.
  6. SECRET: Midway through the area with all the pipes, just past the big holding tanks, you’ll come to one of the yellow buildings. Sneak inside and look to the right from the door, toward the middle of the refinery area. You’ll see an orange laptop on a table. Snag it with X. Collecting all these secret laptops will net you the “Seeker” Achievement. There is one more in this level.
  7. Before long, you’ll get to a chain link fence beside a yellow hut. There’s nothing inside, but on the far side is a jeep. Just past that is a guard — sneak up and drop him.
  8. Using your rifle, look for more soldiers down the street. You should see a radio tower at the end for reference. You’ll see a couple guards on the ground and one further back, to the right, on a tower. Kill them all to clear your way.
  9. Check along the fence for a hole through which you can sneak, and continue to the map marker.
  10. SECRET: You’ll have to kill a few more guys to get to it, but there’s another secret back down the road. Turn to your right and face back into the refinery. Kill the guy just ahead of you at the sandbags and sneak to them, then move left along the fence. You want to get to the water at the back of the area, which is behind the radio tower you saw when looking down the street. Get to the water and turn right toward a yellow hut. Kill the guy on the tower just beyond it and get inside, where you’ll find the second laptop.
  11. Back past the fence, you’ll see several wooden huts ahead. You need to clear them of guys and head around to the right, where there’s a dock.
  12. Check the area around the next map marker for a few guys, and watch your minimap for more enemy locations. A solid way to infiltrate this area is to sneak to the right of the path, through the bushes, into the water.
  13. From the water, climb up on the rocks near the first hut and kill the guy on the porch of the one to your right. Then move to a better vantage and look for enemies patrolling the road a little to your left.
  14. There should be two or three of them there. Kill the enemies on the road. Now look across, straight in front of you, for one or two more guarding the furthest wooden huts, near the flammable barrels.
  15. Once the area is clear, run for the map marker. You’ll see a boat departing and you can snipe the soldier on the back of it if you want, but when the boat gets out of sight, the mission ends.

Mission 2: No Man Left Behind

  1. You’re following O’Neil again at the start. Quickly go to the marker on the right and duck down in the bushes to avoid detection.
  2. When you’re given the green light, follow O’Neil down the beach. He’ll stop you and have you take out an enemy just ahead.
  3. Killing that guy does something to alert the enemies around you that you’re there. You might start taking fire from the hut beyond where you dropped that guy.
  4. ACHIEVEMENT: Move up a little with O’Neil. If you start taking fire, pull up your rifle. Look for two soldiers on the porch of the hut, way in the distance. Take your time with your shot and see if you can get both of them at once — they’re probably aligned for you. If you can nail both, your reward will be the “One Shot, Two Kills” Achievement.
  5. Keep up with O’Neil and clear the area ahead: that’s the LZ. You’ll see the map marker where you’re going. Drop all the guys around the river and also look to the left, at the huts, for more soldiers shooting at you.
  6. SECRET: The area with the huts extends way to the left of the map marker. Clear it of enemies from here, check your minimap for any stragglers, then head to the furthest hut. Go inside and you’ll find the laptop on the table.
  7. NOTE: If you get into trouble during this fight, don’t hesitate to use your health syringes with LB. You can check these huts for wall-mounted First Aid Kits that have extras.
  8. Proceed to the map marker when everyone is dead. After the cutscene, proceed to the other map marker until you get to the concrete barrier. Look to the left for stairs.
  9. Stay low and go under the rock arch. Stop when you’re near the edge of the bushes and scope the road ahead. You should see two soldiers having a conversation. Pick a shot on one and the other will go running. Use Focus to drop him.
  10. SECRET: This one is way off the beaten path. The map marker has you going left. Instead, go past the two dead soldiers and into the water on the right. You’ll hit a sandbar. Cross that, and on the other side you should see a wooden hut in the distance. Approach it and watch for a soldier to come out of the door of the hut. Drop him and climb the steps. Go through the hut and just on the other side is another soldier whom you can shoot or knife in the back. To the left is another hut. Crawl under the window and around the side to get inside and kill the guy who’s in there. Grab the laptop on the table.
  11. NOTE: Even if you die or restart at a checkpoint, any secrets you’ve already grabbed stay grabbed, so you don’t have to do any of this stuff twice.
  12. You’ll want to return to where you left the road with the two guys you shot. You could attempt to infiltrate the camp from the spot with the secret, but it’s more difficult, and you’ll probably alert the guards.
  13. Back on the road, keep moving along it toward a bridge. Stay hidden in bushes as much as possible. Look past the bridge to the crest of a hill, where you’ll see a humvee and soldier nearby. Drop him.
  14. Advance over the bridge. Get back in the bushes ahead on the right and move slowly. Watch your minimap for more soldiers — there’s one on the road to the left of you.
  15. Stay low and cross the small path ahead of you, staying in the bushes. You’ll see enemies on the map to your right, but you should be able to sneak by them. Keep the road on your left and the buildings on your right.
  16. Check ahead of you for another guy to kill as the road turns right into the camp. He’s standing near the water. Keep sneaking through the bushes and head for the marker. You’ll soon be passing a small building with a rusted-out car beside it.
  17. Look for one more soldier on the road as you pass the building with the car and drop him. While crawling, leave the bushes and take to the road for the last 20 or so meters. You’ll see the truck up ahead and have a fence on your right to protect you from the remaining soldiers.
  18. Approach the truck and you’ll automatically get inside.

Free Ride

  1. When you get off the truck, look up the path for a guy whose back is to you. Take him out and move up to the bend.
  2. Around the corner are four or five more enemies, but you can’t take them out without getting into a full-on fight. Pick a spot with good cover and kill them all.
  3. SECRET: The mission’s final secret is one of the wood huts on the left. Look for the ramp up to it near several parked cars. The laptop is just inside, and there’s an extra First Aid Kit there as well.
  4. Move up the road toward the map marker. You’ll see an enemy up the road from you (he’s visible around the bend if you stick to the bushes on the left of the path as you go) that you can take out as you near it.
  5. Hit that last map marker and the mission ends.

Mission 3: Dangerous Grounds

  1. You’ve got enemies just ahead of you as you start the mission, but your job is to avoid detection, so don’t start capping anybody just yet.
  2. Look up on the porch of the building, on its left side, for a soldier, but leave him alone.
  3. There are two more troops patrolling the road to your left, past the hut. Stay low and sneak forward to the first marker.
  4. Watch your left for the patrolling guards. When they’re not looking, cross the beach to the bushes ahead.
  5. Crawl around the rock and look for an opening in the fence to the right. Move toward the water and get around the rocks so you can see a dock. Wait for the patrolling guard to return from the beach to the dock and knock him out.
  6. Swim around the dock and move as far along the beach as you can. Look for a break in the rocks that looks back toward the camp, framing the lighthouse in the distance.
  7. Pull your scope out and look for two soldiers patrolling out on the beach, where there’s almost no cover. Quickly kill both from here.
  8. Stay low and get to the bushes to the right of their bodies. When you get there, you’ll get new instructions, sending you through the rock opening to the right.
  9. Just up ahead, you’ll get a cutscene.

The Convoy

  1. When you get control back, get down in the bushes. There’s a whole team of troops to your left. Try to stay out of their sights for now.
  2. NOTE: You won’t fail the mission for being detected, but fighting all those guys is still a bad idea.
  3. There are a lot of guys running foot patrols of this area: four men total, in three groups, are walking circles around the big central tower. But there’s a Secret to your right, so you’ll need to take them all out.
  4. SECRET: Crawl under the wood building beside the starting location, staying out of sight. Watch the patrols and try to find a good spot to start killing them. You may find you need to just take a stand and murder everyone. Then advance around the right side of the tower to the wood building and its entrance, which has some trucks parked beside it. Watch for two more soldiers there. Go up onto the porch to find the laptop.
  5. If you went with the “kill everyone in the area” strategy (which is really the best way), you now have an unobstructed path to the lighthouse at the next marker. Go there now.
  6. Climb up the hill toward the lighthouse. As you near the top, you’ll see a way through the wall and stairs. Take out the guard stationed there.
  7. Up the stairs, you’ll hear another guard inside the lighthouse, talking to someone. Quickly step through the doorway and drop him before he can shoot you.
  8. You’re clear the rest of the way up. Take the steps until you get a cutscene.
  9. Use your scope to look at the two map markers, but don’t fire. Once you have the snipers pegged, wait for the sound of a jet to fly over, then kill one of them. Line up your second shot and take it when the sound is covered a second time.
  10. Immediately after sighting the drug transaction, you’ll be keyed to a sniper on the cliff to the right. You have about five seconds to zero in on him and use focus to take him out. A few seconds later, the mission ends.

Mission 4: Take Down the Rigs

  1. Follow your squad to the elevator, then get to the blue ring on the floor that marks your position at the top.
  2. When you kick down the door, drop the two soldiers inside quickly, before they can react.
  3. SECRET: There’s a laptop right behind these first two enemies, against the back wall. Snag it.
  4. Cut through the building and go out the door to the left. From here, get cover, and you can get a decent cross fire going on the enemy troops ahead of you. When the fire dies down after killing them all, proceed to the next marker.
  5. Go through the second building and drop the two enemies on the far side. Proceed out toward the marker, shooting the soldier that’s ahead through the structure, before going right to get up the stairs.
  6. NOTE: Look for First Aid Kits hanging on the walls of these structures, beside the doors on the outside.
  7. At the top, quickly find cover and get your head down. A bunch of troops are directly ahead of you, coming from the upper level.
  8. ACHIEVEMENT: This is a great spot to huck a grenade. If it takes out two or more enemies, you’ll receive the “Two Receivers, One Package” Achievement.
  9. Push through when you’ve killed all the enemies and take the stairs for a cutscene.

Rig No. 2

  1. As soon as you land, quickly drop the three soldiers waiting for you. Then go to the map marker and shoot the electrical box there.
  2. Head for the steps. Two guys appear at the bottom just as you arrive; shoot them or shoot the exploding barrel they are carelessly passing.
  3. Get down the stairs fast and find cover. There are guys on the right side and a few more further down, near the map marker on the left. Clear them out.
  4. Advance to the next map marker. Watch the right wall for a First Aid Kit. Then keep moving to the stairs at the next marker.
  5. Descend and take cover facing the next marker. Kill the two or three troops dug in there and move forward.
  6. SECRET: You’re passing a yellow building on your right. Duck inside and check the back wall in the direction you’re headed for the laptop.
  7. Keep moving. You’ll go through another building and spot a boat leaving the rig. After that, move to the next marker and quickly get down again.
  8. There are a few soldiers ahead, left side, and a couple more in the building with your marker. Clear them carefully, then move up to the marker to end the mission.

Mission 5: An Alliance to Save Rodriquez

  1. Move up the dock and get down. There’s a whole mess of guys ahead, many of whom are hard to see because of the jungle. Watch for muzzle flashes and shoot where you see them.
  2. Get going toward the building. Watch for a shooter on the second floor to drop.
  3. The next courtyard is littered with enemies. Stay low and get to cover with the other Deltas at the low wall. You’ll be taking fire from the left and front, so keep your head down.
  4. Carefully pick your shots. Use the minimap and your fire indicators to figure out about where the shooters are. Then pop up, take a look, and get back down. When you know you can drop an enemy, stand and blast him.
  5. Clear out the building to the front first, then turn your attention toward the map marker and the soldiers protecting it. Watch for reinforcements coming out of the building to re-man posts you’ve already cleared.
  6. SECRET: When you’ve cleared this yard, run straight across to the building in front of you, to the right of the map marker. Go up the stairs onto the porch, where the laptop waits on a table.
  7. Move through the building you cleared, grabbing the First Aid Kit on the porch as you go. If you go through, you can get a flanking position on the enemies shooting at you.
  8. There’s a mess of these guys. Clear the way and move toward the marker, which is on the road. Watch for a guy in the back of the truck, to the left of the marker.
  9. Move right to the next marker, up the hill.

Lighthouse Sniper

  1. You’ll switch back to Razor Six-Four for a few seconds. Lie at the edge of your position and look down at the marker.
  2. After a second, enemies start to arrive in trucks. Start dropping them.
  3. There’s not much to this. Kill anyone who gets a bead on you, but for the most part, just thin the ranks. After a few minutes, you’ll switch back to the Delta squad.

Harbor Assault

  1. Descend to the harbor. You’ll find guys waiting for you at the bottom of the path. No need for discretion — just blast them. In fact, look for an exploding barrel to do even more damage.
  2. Cut left into the boat hangar. Get cover and look for guys taking positions just ahead of you.
  3. On the far side, watch for enemies ahead of you and to the right. Blast them and move forward toward the next marker. Go up the wooden steps on the left as you approach them.
  4. SECRET: As you advance toward the marker, you’ll see the legs of a wooden tower, and a wood building to the left of that. Next to it is a corrugated tin roof. Go inside that wooden building and turn left for the mission’s final secret.
  5. Get to the blue ring up ahead to take your position beside the door. When you kick it in, carefully snipe the two soldiers without hitting Rodriguez — he’s the guy closest you on the right side.

Harbor Escape

  1. Here you switch back to your sniper counterpart. Go to the map marker and try to take a shot at the boat in the harbor, which is marked.
  2. After that, just start sprinting to the next marker. Enemies are appearing behind you and you need to just run.
  3. Keep following the markers. You’re going through the boat hangar Delta 3 used, then turning right. Instead of going up the stairs, sprint straight ahead and go through a hole in the fence.
  4. Use syringes if you have to in order to keep up your health and sprint ahead to the next marker. You’ll watch a cutscene before the mission ends.
  5. ACHIEVEMENT: The “Act I” Achievement is yours for completing the mission.

Act II

Mission 6: Weaken the Regime

  1. Aboard a boat headed down the river, your job is to snipe out all the enemy troops shooting at you as you go.
  2. Watch the left first. You’ll see troops on a balcony, surrounded by fuel barrels. Blow one to take them out.
  3. Now look lower. There’s an additional soldier shooting at you from the base of the building.
  4. Rotate right and look for two or three shooters scattered on the docks.
  5. There are two more guys up ahead on the right, running out to the dock. Shoot them before they’re set up, then look behind them, nearer the building to the right, for a third enemy.
  6. Only two left: Look for a pair of soldiers coming out of the jungle on the high bank ahead on the left. Drop them quickly.
  7. ACHIEVEMENT: If you killed every single riverside enemy in this section, you’re rewarded with “The Protector of Pontoon” Achievement.
  8. When you land at the village, look at the porches of all the buildings for elevated shooters. You can even start taking them out as you approach. There are a couple on the right, one up front on the left, and two or three more further back on the left.
  9. SECRET: Clear the dock area and head up the hill a little ways. Look for a ramp on the right to get up to the buildings — it’s the hut in the back corner. Up the ramp and inside you’ll find a First Aid Kit and the laptop on a table.
  10. Head up the hill and take cover. Watch for entrenched shooters just up ahead, behind cover. They have the superior position on you.
  11. When the Deltas yell “clear,” move up to the map marker. You’re sent left across a bridge next. Get down and take out the guy in the left tower, along with the one behind the sandbags on the ground, on the right of the bridge.
  12. Cross the bridge but stay down — there’re more enemies down the path to the right that you can see on your minimap. One of them is on a mounted machine gun. Try to find a good spot, like from under the car, to shoot them.
  13. There’s also a tower to the right of the bridge, on the right side. In it is another soldier who can see you as you move onto the road.
  14. SECRET: Right at the end of the bridge are two small shacks. Go into the one on the left, under the corrugated tin roofs. Check the table right in the middle for a laptop that’s not facing you.
  15. Around the corner from you are numerous enemies. You need to be sneaky so as to not get shot down by them as you advance.
  16. Get to the corner and watch your minimap. There are a few guards at the map marker ahead — start with them.
  17. When you’ve cleared the map marker, turn left around the corner, but slowly. First, seek out the wooden guard tower behind the shooting range and kill the guy there.
  18. Further left are two men behind the shooting range. If you very step out very carefully, you can hit the first one, then the second, before either one can get a bead on you. You want to kill the first without the second spotting you.
  19. Go to the marker and grab the documents. You can then sprint back to the boat.

Back on the Boat

  1. You’ll see a group of buildings to the left as you move down the river. It’s populated with enemy shooters. Look for them behind sandbags and on the roof on the right.
  2. When you land, leave the boat and advance through the village to the map marker. Beyond it, you’ll climb a hill toward another one. Toward the top, after the helicopters, look for a soldier on the deck of a building ahead. There’s another in the guard tower to the right.
  3. Continue to the next marker. Up a little further, you’ll start to see the plantation to your left. Through the trees here, you can snipe the guard in the tower.
  4. Move down to the corner and move cautiously. There’s a soldier on the building to the right of the path at the plantation, and another on the ground on the left. Drop both as you find them.
  5. Advance to the marker and set the transmitter, then duck behind the sandbags so that you’re facing down the road. Look for two soldiers who are shooting at you and take them out.
  6. Get to the next marker. Pull your pistol — you’ll want the speedy fire — and set the transmitter. Then pull your gun and kill the two soldiers behind the building who are rushing to stop you.
  7. Keep moving toward where those guys appeared. Up ahead, two more guys will come
    running down the path from the right. Kill them fast, as there’s no cover between you and them.
  8. SECRET: The next marker is down the path to the left. Instead, stand on the path facing it, then make a quarter-turn right — you’ll see a wooden building. Go up the ramp and inside for the laptop.
  9. Get to the marker and set the last transmitter. Then follow your compass toward the second plantation.

The Second Plantation

  1. Proceed up the hill. After the next marker, you’ll start to see the buildings of the plantation ahead. You can use this position to start clearing the way of enemies, starting with the guard in the tower.
  2. You should see two more soldiers on the path, shooting at you. Kill them, then look to the right for another guy, possibly taking cover behind a fence.
  3. ACHIEVEMENT: Use this opportunity to get the “Through the Wall” Achievement by killing that enemy by shooting — you guessed it — through the wall.
  4. As you move into the plantation, watch above you to the left. There’s a shooter in a building at the top of the hill.
  5. Now look right, toward the marker, and take out the two guys behind the sandbags. Advance that way and set your transmitter.
  6. Turn around and move toward the hill. You’ll face a soldier on the road and another one on the hill. Push past both and set the transmitter, then go to the marker to the left.
  7. Follow the path up to a sniping position and shoot down on the soldiers attacking the Deltas. Be sure to keep your head down, as the enemy will rip into you as well.
  8. When you’ve cleared the way, pull out your rope and grapple onto the tree in front of your platform. Climb down and sprint to the map marker.

Mission 7: On Your Own

  1. Follow the path to the map marker. When you spot the anti-aircraft guns, step off the path to the left, where you can continue down the side of the mountain and avoid enemy patrols.
  2. When you get to the stairs, you can continue down stealthily, or use this position to take out every guard in the vicinity. Shoot the ones below you first, then climb up and kill the patrol on the hill above you. You’re not penalized for shooting or getting seen here, so it’s easier to clear the way.
  3. Take the ladder down and follow the path toward the marker. Follow it around to the base of the hill — you’ll actually have to go past the marker to find the path up to it. You’ll see a ruined archway marking the way in.
  4. Watch for enemies and use your mini map. Check near the map marker for a guy behind some sandbags. The sound from the bullet alerts a guard in the building to the left and and finally, as you near the gun, there are two soldiers around the corner to the left.
  5. Now climb up to the spot marked in the ruins. As soon as you get there, you’ll see three soldiers about to execute some prisoners. Drop them quickly.
  6. With that section clear, you can move up a little higher in the ruins, over to the right. Look across the bank for three more unsuspecting soldiers to drop.
  7. Head down from the ruins and cross the river — there’s a shallow place beside the bridge. Advance up to the right, or swim the river over to the right. If you walk, you’ll have a high position to shoot from.
  8. The walking path takes you to a wooden building. Hop to its stairs and get inside — there’s extra First Aid here. Now, look through the window down to the left and start dropping the four soldiers scattered throughout the village.
  9. When you’re done with the enemies, check your mini map to be sure, then head down and get to the map marker. You’ll find C4 charges there.
  10. SECRET: Leave the C4 building and stand at the stairs heading back to the path. Directly across the path is another small shack, consisting basically of just a metal roof. Go inside it to find the laptop.
  11. Backtrack over the bridge to the ruins and plant a C4 charge on the gun. Blow it, then return to the bridge. Follow the path toward the second gun — it’s the closer of the two.
  12. As you near the gun, watch the road for a group of patrolling soldiers. Kill them before they see you if you can. The AA gun is up a hill from the intersection — scan it for a couple of patrolling sentries.
  13. Climb the path up to the gun when you’re confident the way is clear. Turn around and look down the path, as the explosion has caught the attention of two soldiers in a car there. Kill them.
  14. You can follow the road or head further up the hill to find a path toward the next AA gun. Either way, look for a wooden bridge ahead, where there are sandbags. Three soldiers are there, having a conversation.
  15. Knock down all three guys and cross the bridge. Up ahead, the path curves toward a windmill. Before you go that way, cut to the left into the bushes. Left of the windmill are a couple of buildings, with two guards there. Kill them now.
  16. SECRET: Head over to where those two guards were, to the back of the buildings to the left of the windmill. You’ll see the laptop on a box, past the buildings, out in the open.
  17. You can cut through the jungle here toward the AA gun and start taking out soldiers, but you’ll want a spot with good cover. Look at the straight section of the road to spot a guard tower and several guys on the ground. Watch out for one carrying a powerful machine gun.
  18. Clear the way on the road and look for a few more soldiers up by the gun. There aren’t many on the hill, so when they’re dead, advance up and blow the gun.
  19. SECRET: Standing at the AA gun, look for a bonfire to the left, up on a higher portion of the hill. There’s a building to the left of it and one behind the fire. Cross to the building behind the fire and turn left inside the door to find the laptop.
  20. Now descend the hill and go toward the marker. You’ll cross a shallow portion of the river; watch the path ahead for a couple of enemies. Kill them and climb the hill to end the mission.

Mission 8: A Simple Rendezvous

  1. Advance down the path, watching for a patrol at the bottom. Kill them and cross the bridge.
  2. You’ll see the town ahead of you. Look for a guard near the road barricade.
  3. ACHIEVEMENT: Look up along the road for some power lines. Shoot five of the lines and the cable, not where they connect at the pole, and with the sniper rifle, and you’ll get the “Electrician” Achievement.
  4. Move up on the road and you’ll get a short cutscene identifying a few enemies. When it’s over, shoot the guy in the guard tower to the right of the road.
  5. Advance up along the road on the left where the guards took those civilians. Duck inside with your pistol and clear them out to free the hostages.
  6. Continue forward toward the map marker. Try to stay out of sight, or you’ll trigger an alarm that brings reinforcements.
  7. SECRET: Just past the first water tower that’s on your right, take the steps into the building on the left. Walk through and go around the corner to the right to find the laptop, then return to the outside.
  8. SECRET: Look for a building with a raised deck on the right. Get onto the deck and head right from the road to get inside the structure — it’s like a warehouse. Go to the back, through the door that’s got a First Aid Kit next to it, into another, smaller building a few feet away from the first. Inside is the laptop, to the left.
  9. Keep moving toward the marker. You’ll approach a few buildings — watch your mini map for the low-down on the six or so troops surrounding it. When your way is clear, get inside the building and use the radio.
  10. Step back out and orient yourself toward the next marker. Shoot the guard in the tower right there, then go to the road and turn right to shoot a few more troops heading your way.
  11. Cut through the hole in the fence at the map marker and haul ass to the next one. It’s at the top of a hill, where you can get behind sandbags and use a mounted machine gun to defend yourself.
  12. ACHIEVEMENT: Rack up 30 kills with this gun for the “Heavy Fire” Achievement.
  13. You have to hold off the enemies for about two minutes. It can be tough, especially trying to spot enemies with that Browning. Keep at it though — there’s First Aid behind you if you need it.
  14. Alternatively, you can pull out your pistol, crouch down, and wait the fight out. Most of the soldiers won’t attack you up close. Watch your mini map for any that get brave and drop them before they drop you.
  15. When the timer runs out, the helicopter shows up about 100 meters behind your position. Leave the gun, jack a syringe and sprint for it.
  16. ACHIEVEMENT: The “Act II” Achievement is yours for finishing the mission.


Mission 9: Steal from Under Their Noses

  1. Follow the path to the rope bridge. On the far side are two enemies: Take them out.
  2. Keep moving across the bridge and go toward the next marker. Watch for a soldier up ahead talking on a phone with his back to you. He’s also near the next marker.
  3. There’s another bridge ahead. Watch for two soldiers to the left of you. Snipe them when they spread out.
  4. Look out for additional soldiers at the end of the bridge, and a few more on the bridge across from you, to the left.
  5. Cross the bridges to the next marker. Further on is yet another bridge. It’s full of holes though, so you have to cross at the planks that are on the sides.
  6. Keep moving. Your partner will inform you of an enemy at a guard tower ahead. Take him down before he sees you.
  7. Climb the tower. If you do this carefully, you can take out all the guards without being seen. Start with the one second from the left. Use the mini map to zero in on him.
  8. Shoot each target, then take a knee quickly to avoid being seen. After the first enemy drops, turn left to the one furthest away. Drop him next.
  9. Now look to the right for a soldier inside a building and get him through the window.
  10. Finally, furthest right is a patrol guard out in the open. Finish him.
  11. Head down into the courtyard. Your spotter will let you know about an additional soldier in the hut. Look in the right window of the building ahead and tag the guy.
  12. Go through the building and out the other side. Head right toward the marker. Look up at the building way in the background in front of you, slightly left, for a soldier there on patrol.
  13. Keep an eye on your mini map as you approach the marker near the camp fire. To the right is another high building with a guard on it. Step back, find a good spot, and drop him.
  14. Up ahead, you’ll be notified that it’s time to be sneaky. Follow the water and crawl under the building.
  15. Stick with the stream bed until you come within about 40 meters of the objective. Check your mini map — there are two soldiers to the right you’re going to need to eliminate. Get into the bushes over there and start looking for them.
  16. One’s fairly close, patrolling on the ground, while the other is considerably further away on a wood platform. When they’re both clear, you can relax a little.
  17. SECRET: If you’re looking up the hill at the house with the objective, turn left. You should see a small hut with a light on it, and a hill extending beyond it. Climb that hill. At the top, on the right, is a much bigger hut with the laptop inside. You probably shot a guard here and if not, look out for one.
  18. You’re clear to the map marker. Step into the blue ring to get a cutscene.


  1. Don’t bother doing anything else. Sprint for the map marker, then for the next one through the field.
  2. At the far end, you’ll fall into the water. Swim for the marker, hugging the right wall where there’s a fence. You want to try to keep structures in between you and the enemy to minimize your damage.
  3. When you get to the end of the fence, sneak over to the right a little to put the boat there between you and the shooters. Try to move a little sideways every now and again to keep the soldiers from getting clear shots at you.
  4. At the next marker, stand up, heal if you can, and run. Climb the hill to the right, up to the bridge beyond.
  5. Stop here and look for two enemy soldiers running to get into position on the far side of the bridge. Drop them quickly with your rifle.
  6. The mission ends when you get across the bridge to the last map marker.

Mission 10: The End is Near!

  1. You need to sneak into the enemy camp. It’s easier than last time. Crawl along the streambed to the first map marker.
  2. Now crawl right toward the second marker, around the back of the tent. Crawl through the second tent, then bear toward the next marker.
  3. Keep yourself in the tall grass and bushes and keep moving toward the marker — you should make it no problem.
  4. Go down the side of the river bank, beside the bridge, and swim across. Then crawl up the bank on the other side, staying in the bushes.
  5. Keep crawling in the bushes along the road. It turns right; when it does, watch for a patrolman up ahead. Sneak through the wall to the right of you.
  6. Continue to stay down. Just ahead of you is a soldier with his back turned. Kill him silently.
  7. Crawl forward some more. Ahead are a group of buildings. Your marker has you going into the one on the right, but look for a soldier on the one across from it, on the second floor. Drop him.
  8. Check the first building — it’s empty. Go to the building across from you and go around it to the right to reach the next marker. Watch out for the soldier guarding that spot, though. He’s at ground level.
  9. The next portion asks you to be all stealthy, but there’s a bit of a cheap trick: if you drop down off the side of the building from the roof, you can sprint through the trees to the end of this area. It’s a lot more effective than sneaking.
  10. SECRET: There’s really no good way to do this other than to sprint. When you get down off the building’s roof, run down to the end of all the bushes. You’ll be standing near a piece of construction equipment in front of you, a light over the road, a couple of guards past that, and an armored truck to the left of them. There’s also a road cutting left. Sprint to the left, along the road, so that you have a building to the left of you when you get past the guards. There should be a light hanging off it, over a couch. Just past the couch is a door you can get through, but it’s partially blocked, so you’ll have to jump. Inside that room is the laptop.
  11. If you run and just keep running from that first rooftop, you’ll eventually hit a slope that goes up to the right. Take it to get out of sight. Around the bend, get down low again and knife the guy just ahead of you.
  12. Go inside the building after the cutscene, and use the Browning to mow down some enemies. After a few seconds of that, you’ll switch characters.

Assaulting the Camp

  1. You basically have one job here: kill everything. Use your mini map to ID targets in the buildings and tents — specifically to the left — as you start.
  2. Try to keep pressing forward and use any cover you can get. Follow the path you took as a sniper.
  3. As you move forward, watch out for troops in the places you saw them before. One spot that’s somewhat irritating is the guard tower. Watch for the soldier’s muzzle flash.
  4. SECRET: Before you advance too far to the right, go toward the tent at the back left of the area. Beyond it, closer to the guard tower, is a pile of crates and other stuff. Check among the crates for the laptop.
  5. Once you’re clear, get to the last map marker to end the mission.

Mission 11: The Hunt is On

  1. The opening of the mission is pretty straightforward: man the Browning and unload on anything that looks human.
  2. Enemies will be on both sides of the road, high and low. Keep firing as much as possible and mow them all down.
  3. Before too long, you’ll come to a bridge. Clear it as you cross. Up the path a little more is a hill. Kill the two guys who jump in front of the truck and you’ll disembark.
  4. Go to the map marker and get down. Aim at the marker where there are a bunch of fuel barrels. When Rodriguez’s truck gets near them, fire to blow it up.
  5. Immediately turn your attention to the left and check the mini map for enemy locations. Pull back from the edge; there are three soldiers down there who have a mean bead on you.
  6. Snipe those guys as quickly and efficiently as you can manage. They will kill you if you’re not careful. When they’re all dead, stand up and sprint along the path down to the bridge.
  7. As you hit the bridge, use your scope to scan for enemies. There are a couple of soldiers just ahead you need to drop, but they haven’t seen you yet.
  8. Now move up toward the marker. Look for three more troops ahead, on the left side of the bridge. Drop them and you’ll have eliminated all the opposition between you and the end of the mission.
  9. ACHIEVEMENT: The “Act III” Achievement unlocks when you’ve dealt with Rodriguez.

Act IV

Mission 12: Steal from Under Their Noses Part II

  1. Stick to the path as you descend. O’Neil will let you know about a guard tower as you’re entering the camp. Look for it and kill the guy standing guard inside.
  2. Now go down and crawl under the guard tower. Turn right and go toward the building. Duck inside.
  3. SECRET: As soon as you enter the building, turn left and check the back corner beside the door for the laptop.
  4. Go through, then crawl when you get outside the building again. Go around the debris to the right and get to the marker.
  5. Just on the other side of the building are two enemies, right out the next door. Kill one however you see fit; O’Neil covers the other. Then climb the ladder to the left.
  6. Climb up to the roof and keep going forward. When you see the building with the hole in the roof, kill the guy inside and drop down.
  7. Descend the stairs and stay away from the windows. Make your way to the right. Around the corner is a soldier you need to drop. Past him, you’ll find another staircase, then a guy standing on the porch just outside the door.
  8. Kill that guy and go down the stairs to the marker. From here, look forward with your scope to spot a guard in a tower. Take him out once the cars have passed.
  9. Move up to the pipe and crawl. Use your scope to check ahead. If there’s a soldier there, drop him. Then crawl over the road to the marker beyond.
  10. SECRET: You’re passing a yellow building to your left. Go around its corner to the door and go inside it. On a table on the left wall is a laptop.
  11. Keep moving to the markers around the back of the other yellow building.
  12. SECRET: When you round the corner of this building, you’ll find another door. Head inside yellow building number two to find the last secret.
  13. Go between the buildings toward the next marker. Around the corner, you’ll see a group of soldiers on patrol. Once they’re past, slip into the building to the left.
  14. Crawl through the building, then crawl out onto the road toward the marker. Go around and through the tent ahead, then slip through the fence.
  15. Keep crawling toward the marker and stay in the weeds. Don’t get spotted as you go under the big chemical holding tanks. There’s a guard patrolling the perimeter of the yellow building you’re headed to, and he might catch sight of you if you’re not careful.
  16. Take that guard out or avoid him, it’s up to you. Either way, when you’re clear, hurry into the building so you’re not spotted.

Leaving Undetected

  1. Leave the building and go left to the silo. Find the ladder and climb up.
  2. At the top, look to the right for an enemy and take him out. You might want to get closer — if he falls, the enemy will be alerted.
  3. Move around the silos to the marker. Drop down onto the pipes there and move along them in a crouch.
  4. When you hit the marker at the far end, drop down onto the roof, the down again. See the guard tower in the corner of the compound, to the right a little? Hop the crates and crawl under it. Then run up the hill and finish the mission.

Mission 13: A Marksman At His Best

  1. Head straight to the marker, then to the next one. Through the fence is a ladder; climb up, then turn left and climb the next one.
  2. SECRET: Up two ladders you’ll find another ladder, and a laptop right behind it in plain view.
  3. Keep climbing up to the top. At the last ladder, look up to the right. There’s a soldier standing there on his phone — you need to kill him to move up.
  4. On top of the roof, go to the edge, from where you can see Razor Six-Four. Hit Y to switch to binoculars and look for enemies on the roofs across from him.
  5. Find the enemies and mark them with RT. There are only two; once they’re down, continue to the next marker.
  6. You’ll hear and then see a soldier on the rooftops ahead of you. Drop him before dropping down yourself.
  7. Get to the marker and you’ll zipline down to another rooftop. Go down and spin around to find the next marker. From there, you have to ID more targets for the sniper.
  8. There are three guys: two at street level, one on a rooftop nearby. You want to take them out in order so that none sees the others being killed.
  9. Wait for the street guys to separate and turn away from the rooftop soldier, then kill him. Kill the far street soldier next, then mop up the soldier on patrol who’s much closer to you.
  10. Turn back left and go to the markers until you’re on the ground. Follow the path into the jungle. Soon, you’ll approach a boathouse.
  11. Look for a soldiers straight ahead on the wood walkway, along with one to the left, further along. Blast both with your pistol, then get down to the boat.
  12. Turn around and return up the hill. Set claymores on the ramp moving up, but make sure you don’t set them off yourself. Then use the rope to get up the tree.
  13. Flip to your binoculars and scan the area around Razor Six-Four, who’s marked on your HUD. There’s a soldier on the lower level and one in the building above him. Paint both.
  14. Nearer the church are two more targets. Nab both of them for Razor.
  15. Wait for the car to show up. When it does, get it lined up where your crosshair would be to paint Salazar and get him assassinated.

Running Away Again

  1. Run down the tree and sprint along the path. Up ahead are two soldiers — you can shoot the barrel beside them to take them out, but don’t slow down.
  2. Make for the bridge ahead. Cross it and take the path on the left, over the roadblock. Stop at the bend.
  3. Crawl forward from here to the next marker. Get down in the river. Once you hit water, you can crouch and move out of the area.
  4. Downstream some, feel free to sprint until you get out of the water. There’s no one to catch you if you do. Go up to the bend in the jungle path, where you’ll see enemies and a guard tower to your right.
  5. SECRET: Crawl toward the enemies. After a few seconds, you’ll see their vehicle, and the laptop open on the hood. Sneak up, go to a crouch to grab it, then sneak away.
  6. Proceed through the tunnel just beyond. Look at the support beams for blue marks indicating where to plant the charges, and do so by pressing X. Then move to the next waypoint.
  7. Just keep going forward. You’ll run across two soldiers, but Razor will drop them for you. After that, cross the rope bridge to finish up the mission.

Mission 14: Guardian Angel

  1. Climb up the cliff behind you using the rope. At the top, get inside the building and pull out your pistol.
  2. As you move to the outside of the building, you’ll encounter two enemies. Kill them quickly and silently.
  3. Head down the path and enter the lighthouse. Right inside the door, at the wall in front of you, a soldier will be facing away from you. Kill him and take to the stairs to your left.
  4. SECRET: Check the room halfway up the stairs, to the right, to find a laptop.
  5. At the top of the lighthouse, you’ll take up a sniping position to assist Delta 3. You can’t let any alarms be sounded, or you’ll fail the mission.
  6. Look at the guard house first, near the jeep. There are two guys there. Line one up and wait. As the two guards get close to each other, fire your shot so that you can hit both with one bullet.
  7. Next, get the soldier standing in the doorway of the red building. Then move your scope right, to where two soldiers are talking behind a truck. Wait for these guys to split — you can kill each without alerting the other.
  8. Two soldiers round the corner of the building near the Deltas right after that. You have to drop both quickly or they’ll find your squad.
  9. Delta 3 gets the enemy truck, and now you’re tasked with protecting it. Look to the left as it drives toward you for a road block. Clear out all the enemies, including those on the rooftops.
  10. The truck comes just underneath an overpass next. Kill the four guys firing down at the truck from there.
  11. You need to change positions. Go left and take the zipline down to the radio tower. Go down to the marker and shoot at the roadblock below you.
  12. Run down the road a little ways. There’s a rocket crew just ahead on the cliff you’re headed toward — stop as you near them and take them out quickly.
  13. Now go to the stop you just cleared and kill off the soldiers at another road block.
  14. When those guys are dead, move up and drop another rocket crew on your side of the road.
  15. From that spot, look across the road at a house on the cliff above the highway. You need to clear it out next. Look for explosive barrels scattered behind enemy positions to make your job easier.
  16. Your shots will drop significantly as they reach the house, so aim high. Check the building to the right for any stragglers, then head to the next marker.
  17. Sprint across the rope bridge to avoid fire from the last roadblock, down to your left. When you get to the building, be careful — there might be a soldier or two around to intercept you, usually to your right.
  18. Follow the marker down the path alongside the building, but be careful — most of the enemies at the block can get a bead on you easily. Move up carefully and take your shots.
  19. There are soldiers in the backs of trucks and standing in front of the trucks, and one or two on the left. You’ll have to try to get through the trees to avoid taking fire.
  20. When those guys are finally dead, run along the path until you get under the overpass. Set charges at the blue markers on the support columns, then get to the ladder. Heal up if you can.
  21. Climb the ladder as fast as you can manage, then sprint to the truck to end the mission.

Mission 15: The Showdown

  1. Stay on the path and keep low to sneak past the guards. You’ll get close to a bonfire, where there’s an enemy you’ll have to drop. Then go through the tunnel, but stop before you get to the end.
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