SolSeraph is a unique strategy platformer with retro roots

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

Sega have just announced that they're releasing a brand new strategy platform game called SolSeraph, which will be something of a spiritual successor to ActRaiser, the 1990 SNES game which had similar gameplay mechanics.

The game will see players take control of Helios, Knight of the Dawn, an angel who is for hire and guardian of humanity, as they guide the fate of humans by building homes, defenses, and facilities.

The interest aspect is when the game transitions to platforming gameplay, as you personally protect your civilization from hoards of monsters yourself. It's a stark contrast of styles, but a welcome one.

The trailer above shows the mechanics in action, and it's roots in the SNES classic ActRaiser seems quite clear. 

The game is under development behind Rock of Ages developer Ace Team and will be published by SEGA on July 10th.


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