Sons of the Forest Update adds new bosses, story and improved caves

By FileTrekker a year ago, last updated a year ago

Endnight Studios has recently released a significant update for Sons of the Forest, a survival game available on Steam. The update includes several fixes and new content, such as an improved cave system, fresh bosses, weapon locations, and enemies, and even some adjustments to the game's wildlife.

The new cave system is one of the most exciting additions to Sons of the Forest. The developers have added an entirely new underground system to the game's map and relocated the coveted gold armour to a new location within the game. Additionally, the developers have added more wake-up locations within the cave, and more dead cultists are scattered throughout the map.

Another significant addition to the game is an all-new demon boss towards the end of the hell cave. Players who think they have already faced the game's most formidable enemies will need to think again, as this new boss will surely be a formidable opponent. With the addition of this new boss, players can expect some changes to the game's ending and lore, which the official patch notes refer to as "additional story elements."

In terms of gameplay, players will notice significant changes to their hunger levels. Eating MREs will now be much more effective at restoring fullness, while cat food will no longer provide the same benefits as it used to. The game's rabbits and squirrels have also become much more mysterious and challenging to catch, adding a layer of difficulty to the game.

Other changes include fixing the bug that saw enemies spawn in a player's base, improving torches for better visibility, and adjusting the chainsaw's charge time. In addition, players can now use left-handed items while using the hang glider, and leaves and banknotes provide more fuel.

The update has added significant new content and improved gameplay mechanics, making the game even more challenging and enjoyable.


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