Sony Caught Trolling Wikipedia Articles?

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Posted on September 4, 2007, William Sony Caught Trolling Wikipedia Articles?


Wikipedia has always been an iffy source for information, considering virtually anyone can edit the entries. It’s nothing new to hear about a fanboy editing an article to make a certain game or console look better or worse. There’s a new edit on the Halo 3 Wikipedia page mentioning that the game’s graphics will be no better than what we saw in Halo 2. Reading something like that, I would obviously assume it was simply a PS3 fanboy who did it.

Unfortunately, it looks like the evidence is pointing right at Sony. If someone at Sony did in fact stoop to this level of fanboy-like behavior, it says a lot. Destructoid seems to have uncovered some interesting clues that do not look so good for Sony:

The IP address for the recent edit is, an IP that just so happens to belong to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe in Liverpool, UK. Naughty naughty. Checking out the IP’s history on Wikipedia, we see a few other instances where SCEE has shown its maturity and sensibility.

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