Sony Press Conference: PS4 Costs $399, Supports Used Games

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Posted on June 10, 2013, CJ Miozzi Sony Press Conference: PS4 Costs $399, Supports Used Games


Microsoft showed its hand weeks ago when it revealed the Xbox One’s appearance; we can expect Sony to show us what the PS4 looks like with a flourish at its press conference this evening. We learned at today’s Microsoft conference that the Xbox One will cost $499, and all eyes are now on Sony to find out how the PS4′s price point will match up. A questionable report stated 399 Euros — will that hold up? Another hot topic will be DRM — Sony has more than one opportunity to one-up Microsoft today. We’ll soon find out if it does.

The conference begins at 9 p.m. EDT/ 6 p.m. PST. Please keep refreshing this page for updates and screenshots, during and after the event.

Ten minutes past the designated start time and Sony’s conference has yet to commence. A source at the event claims the conference has been delayed.

Fifteen minutes in and a disembodied voice tells us that the conference will begin in one minute.

At long last, the conference kicks off with soft music leading into a very blue-themed abstract CGI video eventually revealing PlayStation iconography. Segue into game clips set to dubstep.

Enter President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America Jack Tretton, who thanks his fans for their enthusiasm and passion. He teases us with mention of the PS4, then discusses what’s new for the PS Vita and PS3.

Batman: Arkham Origins is coming to Vita, as well as Killzone: Mercenary. God of War HD 1 and 2, FF10 and 10-2 are being remastered for Vita.

Tretton revealed that the new episode of Telltale’s The Walking Dead, “400 Days,” is coming this summer.

In the PS3 lineup, Sony revealed a new trailer for Beyond Two Souls, which release 10/08/13. An Arkham Origins trailer reveals Bane’s new look. Tretton mentions GTA5 and says it’ll be “epic” on the PS3. An exclusive GTA5 bundle, which includes a GTA-braned Sony Pulse Elite head set, will cost $299 and be available September 17.

President and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Andrew House steps out and mentions the PS4 product designs, calling it “sleek and impactful.” The console’s appearance is finally revealed to thrumming drums. It is surprisingly in line with the Xbox One, except that it’s design is angular.

President of Sony Entertainment Worldwide Studios Shu Yoshida hits the stage to talk games. 30 PS4 titles are in development, 12 of which are new IPs.

An impressive trailer rendered in-game for a new IP played, revealing a steampunk-style game in a Jack The Ripper setting. Guns, gears, galloping horses. And monsters. One of our heroes is named Gallahad — these are knights. Templars, perhaps. Once wields a Luger-esque pistol, another a heavy machine gun with a large gear on it, and another, a lightning gun of sorts. Title? “The Order: 1886.” The PS4-exclusive party game is being developed by Sony Santa Monica and ReadyAtDawn.

We saw the first gameplay trailer of inFAMOUS: Second Son, which will release Q1 2014. Killzone: Shadow Fall and The Order will release at launch.

Sony then played a tech demo titled The Dark Sorcerer, a facetious clip of an over-the-top villainous sorcerer delivering a monologue like a thespian that doesn’t know the meaning of hammy acting.

Adam Boyes, Vice President Third Party Relations was next to take the stage, announcing a partnership with Supergiant Games, creators of Bastion. The dev revealed Transistor, a sci-fi game with a similar appearance to Bastion which will release in 2014.

Boyes explained that developers will have the ability to self-publish on the PS4. Octodad is coming to the PS4, and Tribute Games, the developers of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, are releasing a new game called Mercenary Kings. Red Barrels is bringing Outlast to the PS4. 17bit Games are making Galaxy, a side-scrolling shooter, and Oddworld New and Tasty — a full remake of original — are coming to the PS4 as well.

Boyes also spoke of exclusive items coming to the PS4 and PS3 versions of Diablo 3, such as armor pieces inspired by PlayStation-exclusive titles.

Next to be unveiled via cinematic and gameplay trailer was Final Fantasy Versus 13, aka Final Fantasy 15, which looked impressive. FFXIV is coming exclusively to consoles on PS3 and PS4.

Sony then revealed a new gameplay trailer for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, showing highly-scripted sequences set to a fun, pirate-themed musical score. During the presentation, which was being played live, the PS4 froze up at least four times, before it finally crashed.

Jonathan Morin, Creative Director of Watch Dogs, then walked on stage to present a demo for his upcoming title. The gameplay continues to impress, with exciting ways to use hacking to control your environment.

The Elder Scrolls Online is arriving on PS4 Spring 2014, and the game’s beta will be exclusively available on PS4 initially.

The next game to be unveiled was Mad Max, being developed by Warner Bros. Interactive and Avalanche Studios. PS gamers have exclusive access to the Road Warrior kit.

Sony’s huge win was in its stance on used games. The PS4 supports used games and won’t charge used game fees. PlayStation games don’t need to be connected online to play, nor will they require any kind of online authentication — a stab straight at Microsoft.

PS3 Plus will carry over to PS4 Plus.

Sony went on to reveal the worldwide gameplay premiere of Destiny, revealing drop-in public events.

Finally, the price was revealed: $399 — the final nail in Microsoft’s coffin.

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