South Park DLC for Rock Band Being Released Through Season 11 DVD?

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Posted on May 5, 2008, Jonathan South Park DLC for Rock Band Being Released Through Season 11 DVD?


You gotta hand it to Harmonix: they realy know how to crank out that DLC for Rock Band. Aside from their weekly releases, some exclusive new songs, and a standalone track pack, it looks like they’ve even managed to get some DLC crammed into the next South Park DVD. Apparently, several retailers were sent a notice about the upcoming South Park: Season 11 DVD release that mentioned a “3-song download pack” for Rock Band would be included as a bonus. Unfortunately, there’s no indication what sort of songs will be included, or if they’ll even be related to the show (me and Chris have been trying to figure out what South Park songs could actually make it onto the game without being bleeped out completely). Plus it’s anyone’s guess which version of the game the DLC will work for. I guess we’ll have to wait until the DVD’s August 12th release to find out for sure. At any rate, the pure irony of a Rock Band bonus being included in a season that had an episode parodying Guitar Hero seems to have been ost on all parties involved here.

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