South Park: The Stick of Truth – All Chinpokomon Locations Guide

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Posted on March 4, 2014, GameFront Staff South Park: The Stick of Truth – All Chinpokomon Locations Guide

Collect all Chinpokomon and you will have happy feeling. The Japanese fad returns to South Park in the Stick of Truth, and there are thirty of these creatures to discover. Catch them all with the locations guide below, with detailed descriptions explaining how to find each cuddly abomination.

Earn all three achievements with the guide below. If you’re looking for help with the main campaign, or you just want to experience the riotously funny story with James at the helm, check out Game Front’s South Park: The Stick of Truth video walkthrough. Or, if you’re looking for more guides like this, be sure to browse the South Park: Stick of Truth cheats list.

All Chinpokomon Locations Guide


  • Chinpokomon #1 (Chu-Chu Nezumi): Check out the large tree to the right of your house. Shoot it off the branch with a ranged weapon to collect it.
  • Chinpokomon #2 (Monkay): Continuing down the street, go to Butters’ room. It’s located on the floor, next to the window on the right.
  • Chinpokomon #3 (Pengin): Find this one in Cartman’s garage.
  • Chinpokomon #4 (Fatdactyl): Travel up to the theater. The collectible is stashed on top of the ticket booth. Use a ranged weapon to knock it down.
  • Chinpokomon #5 (Velocirapstar): Shoot another out of the open window outside Token’s house.
  • Chinpokomon #6 (Poodlesaurus Rex): At South Park Elementary, the first time you enter the school, travel down the hall on the right and shoot down the bent vent grating on the ceiling.
  • Chinpokomon #7 (Roidrat): While at Jimmy’s house, climb the ladder into the attic and look just to the right of the piled-up boxes.
  • Chinpokomon #8 (Beetlebot): In the alien UFO, take the elevator to the hologram room with the TV monitors. A collectible is nestled on the largest screen. Knock it down with a ranger attack.
  • Chinpokomon #9 (Vamporko): Teleport into the enclosed Basketball court to the right of the Community Center to find this collectible.
  • Chinpokomon #10 (Brocorri): At the Tower of Peace, use fire on the frozen critter next to the lit lantern on the right of the path.
  • Chinpokomon #11 (Rabbitech): Inside the police station, go to the evidence room upstairs. The collectible is on the top shelf, reachable by ladder.
  • Chinpokomon #12 (Sna-Kat): Shoot down this one in the tree left of the City Hall stone path.
  • Chinpokomon #13 (Stegmata): Grab this little guy in Kyle’s garage.
  • Chinpokomon #14 (Furrycat): To the right of Kyle’s garage, smash the pile next to the trees to find a hidden Chinpokomon.
  • Chinpokomon #15 (Gophermon): Going inside the Community Center, go to the men’s room and check the last bathroom stall.
  • Chinpokomon #16 (Gunrilla): While exploring South Park Mall, look on the tall blue cabinets to the left of the conference table. Knock it down with a ranger attack to collect.
  • Chinpokomon #17 (Cosmonewt): Down in Stark’s Pond, use the teleporter to enter the crashed UFO in the background.
  • Chinpokomon #18 (Donkeytron): Returning to the ruined school, fart into the gas to cause an explosion, making this little chinpokomon appear.
  • Chinpokomon #19 (Pterdaken): Still in the wrecked school during your return trip, travel upstairs. After passing graffiti reading “Elves Rule” look to the right of Token. Open the locker and shoot the collectible down.
  • Chinpokomon #20 (Terribovine): Outside of Tweek’s coffee shop, shrink down to crawl under the bench and grab this collectible.
  • Chinpokomon #21 (Fetuswami): In the ruined abortion clinic, use fire to blow up the grenade in a dead soldier’s hand before approaching the gatling gun. Shrink down to enter the narrow path to find this creature.
  • Chinpokomon #22 (Ferasnarf): Choose to complete a quest for Mr. Mackey to get a key to storage unit 221. Knock down the collectible on the high shelf, sitting on a red box.
  • Chinpokomon #23 (Roo-stor): Still at the storage place, open unit 223. The key can be found in Butters’ room. Circle around the stuff in Butters’ command center and climb the yellow ladder. The creature is on the grey vent above, knock it down with a projectile.
  • Chinpokomon #24 (Flowerpotamus): Go to Skeeter’s bar and knock this one off the background wall, located between the neon sign and a trophy shelf.
  • Chinpokomon #25 (Lambtron): Get the key from City Wok and travel up the Tower of Peace. On the second floor, look above the balcony on the right to find a hanging creature in a lantern. Knock it down with a ranged attack.
  • Chinpokomon #26 (Accountafish): Check out the PO Boxes in the Post Office to get the key to the Gazette building. Smash the vent to the right of the sitting girl, then shrink down to grab the chinpokomon.
  • Chinpokomon #27 (Mouse-Tik): Go to the girl’s bathroom near the basketball courts in the kid’s park. Just as you enter, look left.
  • Chinpokomon #28 (Gerbitoad): Travelling down into the sewers, pass the generator and you’ll find a tiny house. The collectible is resting near the house’s right side.
  • Chinpokomon #29 (Biebersaurus): From the sewers and into the underground cavern, look for the huge cracked glowing rock. Smash it with your special sword and follow the winding path for your reward.
  • Chinpokomon #30 (Shoe): Outside the door to Clyde’s Tower, teleport onto the roof to grab the last collectible.

Achievement Unlocked

  • Poco Chinpoko (15 points):
    Collect 5 Chinpokomon.
  • Chinpoko loco (30 points):
    Collect 15 Chinpokomon.
  • Chinpokolypse (75 points):
    Collect all the Chinpokomon.

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