Splitgate announces a 'Forge Mode' map editor before Halo Infinite

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Published by FileTrekker 10 months ago , last updated 10 months ago

Splitgate is one-upping Halo Infinite by featuring a Forge-style map editor, something that Infinite will be lacking when it releases later this year.

Splitgate is something of a cross between Portal and Halo, so it's a welcome addition, and I'm pretty excited to see what types of creations people come up with using the new map editor. According to the game's developer, 1047 games, they'll also have it before Halo Infinite.

They followed up by saying "we probably won't call it forge mode, but it's a map editor. Imagine placing portal pads anywhere you wanted on Olympus!" 

Splitgate has seen a huge surge in popularity this year, despite being relatively unnoticed since its original Early Access release back in 2019. In fact, it's been struggling to spin up enough servers to meet demand lately, while the game's open beta will be kept open indefinitely while the team try to scale their infrastructure to cope with the huge demand.

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