Spore Expansions Planned; Possible "Flora Editor"

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Published by GameFront.com 11 years ago , last updated 10 months ago

Posted on August 15, 2008, Jonathan Spore Expansions Planned; Possible "Flora Editor"

Already, Spore is looking to be one of the most massive games ever, what with the insane amount of customization options, gameplay styles, and online features at your disposal. So is Maxis just goign to sit back on their laurel once the game finally ships next month? Of course not; after all, this is the same company that made The Sims. In an recent interview, executive producer, Lucy Bradshaw, confirmed that expansions will be coming for the game, and it won’t just be packs of new creature parts, either:

“When we started Spore, we were thinking about how we’d make an engine that had the possibility of expansion, so yes, we’ll add to the experience. I think, however, we have a very cool opportunity to take Spore in a few different directions too. The editors are so cool and fun, that we want to advance those as well as the gameplay that we put into the core game.”

She then added that a “flora editor” may among these additions, allowing players to create their own plant species as well; presumably for your creatures to munch on. I’m sure the internet community will keep things completely tasteful when it does come out and certainly not make a field of phallic trees or somesuch.

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