Squads Mode has arrived in Fall Guys Season 4

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

Season 4 of Fall Guys is out now, and includes a brand new Squads Mode that allows you to team up with friends to run the gauntlet together, giving you strength in numbers (hopefully.)

The new mode promises to make Fall Guys more fun to play with other people, solving the problem of being eliminated in Round 1 and having to sit and watch your friends make it all the way to the final event. In the new mode, the entire squad has to perform poorly to be eliminated, giving your friends the opportunity to carry you to victory.

Each game will feature 15 different squads, and the mode will feature the vast majority of the playlist. Scoring is different though, with the team's performance being combined into a single score, rather than each individual player. In events where you are placing in a particular order, it will be based on how well each team member placed and amalgamate this into a score - the team with the lowest is eliminated.

The entire team also gets the credit when winning the final round, which makes it a real team effort as opposed to every guy for his or herself. There are other tweaks too, such as a few normal rounds becoming final rounds for this particular mode, and slightly less impressive rewards for winning a game.


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