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Posted on February 9, 2011, Mitchell Saltzman Stacking Walkthrough

Stacking is a adventure game from Tim Schafer’s studio Double Fine, centered around Russian-style stacking dolls. The gameplay consists of old-school adventure puzzles, with a twist: puzzles can be solved in multiple different ways, by combining different dolls using the game’s titular mechanic.

Featuring a stylish Victorian aesthetic and Double Fine’s distinctive brand of irreverent humor, the game is available on Xbox Live and Playstation Network Plus. Despite the multiple solutions some of the puzzles can get tricky, so we’ve prepared a full walkthrough to help fledgling Stackers. We’ve also got lists of trophies and achievements, and a cheats page that collects all our Stacking information.

Table of Contents

Part 1 – End the Train Strike Part 2 – The Gilded Steam Ship Part 3 – The Zeppelin of Consequence Part 4 – The Triple Decker Tank Engine

Part 1 – End the Train Strike

  1. When you first gain control of little Charlie Blackmore, your first objective will be to head out into the train station and locate the three members of the Train Guild.
  2. Head up the stairs to trigger a fly through cutscene that shows you the area up ahead.
  3. Continue forward and test out your stacking abilities. By pressing the “Y” button while behind a doll that is one size bigger, you can stack into them, gaining control of their body and their unique ability.
  4. Keep on stacking until you gain control of a medium sized doll. Talk to the gatekeeper to learn about unstacking by pressing “B.” Doing so will give you control of the last doll you were in control of.
  5. Head toward the middle of the lobby and look for a doll with a key on its head. Stack into it and then use its special ability to unlock the door the guard was guarding.
  6. With the door unlocked, you can now continue along the path into the main concourse. Keep on head straight ahead until you’re stopped by a cutscene.

Challenge 1 – Empty the Lounge

Method #1 – Fan-tastic:

To the right of the door to the lounge is a tool rack with an engineery looking doll nearby. Stack into him and then use his ability to remove the fan to the right of the door. Head through the duct to reach the lounge, triggering the host to make everyone leave on account of an uninvited guest.

Method #2 – Unauthorized Entry:

For the first way to complete this challenge, look for the medium sized doll with blonde hair. Stack into her and you should get the ability to “seduce” Seduce the guard in front of the door to the lounge and lead him away. Stack out of the girl doll and then quickly move around to stack in to the guard. Unlock the door, proceed inside, and the lounge boss will kick everyone out.

Method #3 – The Fug of War:

Head down the two sets of stairs near the lounge and you’ll reach a pair of bathrooms. Somewhere around here should be a fat, bald doll with side burns and a mustache. Stack into him and head back to the lounge. Position the doll’s back toward the ventillation fan and let one loose to cause everyone inside to evacuate the lounge. Now that you’ve completed all of the ways to beat this first challenge, stack into all three engineers and bring them to the train to move on to the next level!

Part 2 – The Gilded Steam Ship

  1. All of the challenges for this part are available right from the start, so it’s a matter of which ones you want to tackle first. Your goal is to pester four important passengers to the point where they demand to see the captain.

Challenge 1 – Cause Chaos at the Safari

Method #1 – Misfire!:

The first and one of the more obvious ways of causing chaos at the safari is to stack into the doll that is handling the cannon. Cause the doll to fire a shot into the pipe to the left to get the watchman upset enough to call off the safari.

Method #2 – Animauler:

Next, look for the large doll with the strong arm. When you take control of him, you’ll be able to give things a “Proper Uppercut.” This doll is actually one of the more useful ones in the game, so make sure you recognize what he looks like. Search the safari area for three lion decorations with band-aids on them. They are usually being guarded by dolls with lion masks. Break all three of them with an uppercut and the watchman will close the show.

Method #3 – Un-Bear-able:

Take control of a small doll and then look around the area surrounding the safari for a seagull doll. Stack into it and then use its ability to fly to its nest. Once perched, move into the room and look for a bear doll. Stack into the bear and then barge out of the room and crash the safari with your intimidating roar.

Method #4 – Penny Lane:

For this final method, you’ll need to gain control of the bald doll in the black suit. You can usually find him in front of one of the lion decorations, in a line that allows you to stack pretty much directly into him. Once you’ve got the target doll, turn your back to the safari and look for two dolls standing next to a zebra decoration. Use this doll’s ability to yell “Move it!” to get the two to move the zebra doll in front of the tandem bicycle’s path. Stack out and quickly catch up to the bicycle. Stack into the smallest one and then continue stacking until you’re in control of the driver. Continually press “A” to build up speed and crash into the zebra.

Challenge 2 – Sabotage the Exhibit You’ll find the exhibit on the first floor of the ship, the same floor as the safari. Once inside you’ll trigger a cutscene that shows all of the various exhibits you can sabotage.

Method #1 – Mummy Dearest

Head into the exhibit and look along the left wall to find a guard and a bunch of kids near him. Take control of the guard and use his ability to pick up small dolls and place them somewhere else. Doing so will clear the path to the mummy doll. Stack out of the guard and into the mummy doll and then simply waltz right on out the door.

Method #2 – The Fighting Pharaoh

Take control of the strong armed doll once again and lead him into the exhibit. Perform a proper uppercut on the small pharaoh head in the middle of the exhibit.

Method #3 – Queen of Argyle

Just outside the museum is the tallest of the illusionist family. Take control of him and work your way into the museum. Use his ability on the Queen’s Statue — The one in front of the purple background — to cause it to blend in with the background, leaving people to believe that it is missing.

Method #4 – Relic Rustler

Stack into a variety of dolls inside the exhibit until you’re large enough to stack into the gilded sarcophagus in the box at the back. Use its ability to draw a crowd. The one you want to get the attention of is the large lady with the hat. When she turns around, stack into her and then walk on outside.

Method #5 – Curd of the Ancients

For this method, the first thing you need to do is gain control of a medium sized doll with a violin. Take her to the Pied Piper, who is located on the side opposite of the exhibit. Play your violin in front of the Piper to get him to come down, allowing you to stack into him. Head up the stairs to the second floor of the ship and follow the path around to the side of the cafeteria. There should be some trash with a bunch of rats nearby. Use the Piper’s song to lead the rats to the exhibit, where they will proceed to feast upon the cheese statue.

Challenge 3 – Stop the Caviar Service

  1. Head upstairs to the second floor now and proceed into the cafeteria where you’ll run into a cutscene. Your goal here is to mess with the caviar production so Madame Habitant leaves the buffet and joins the rest of the complainers.

Method #1 – Caviar Porridge

Wandering somewhere around the cafeteria is Gruel Chef Hornsby. Look for the dool that is dressed in white and wearing striped pants. Once you find him, stack into him and lead him into the kitchen. Use his ability next to the caviar cauldron to mess up the consistency of the caviar, making it unservable.

Method #2 – Seas of Gruel

Stack into the gruel chef once again, only this time use your ability on the water-based conveyor belt that is delivering the caviar to the customers. You can reach the dumping spot by climbing the stairs at the end of the conveyor belt.

Method #3 – Eggs Overboard

Take control of Mr. Uppercut once again and follow the deck around until you reach a pair of doors that lead into the kitchen. Use an uppercut to open the door and head inside. Get in front of the couldron and start pushing it along the track until it falls off the boat.

Method #4 – Rat Eggs

Open the back doors the same way as you did in the previous method, but this time find the Pied Piper on the floor below once the doors are open. Stack into the Piper and bring him back upstairs. Use his song to get the rats to follow you, then lead them into the kitchen through the back door. They will crawl into the caviar, causing the chef to opt against serving it.

Method #5 – Summons to Appear

Stack into various dolls until you’re big enough to stack into the host. Move to the host’s desk and use his ability to call the caviar chef out of the kitchen. Use this opportunity to stack into the Caviar Chef, then head into the kitchen, position yourself next to the caviar cauldron, and press “A” to dump it.

Challenge 4 – Muddle the Maps

  1. Head on up to the third floor now and you’ll find the map room. Your next challenge simply involves messing with the maps in this room to cause the doll inside to go complain to the captain.

Method #1 – A Near Mess

For this first method, all you have to do is stack into the doll with the cleaning brush on the third floor, right outside of the map room. Head inside and use his ability on the maps to start washing the ink off of them.

Method #2 – Crumby Maps

Like the previous method, all you have to do is control a specific doll and use its ability on the maps. In this case, that doll is the small child who throws up cookies. The doll can be found on the third floor wearing a purple and white sailor uniform.

Method #3 – Slapped Clean

Take control of of the mustached man on the third floor wearing the straw hat with red, white and blue stripes. His special ability is a white glove slap. Head inside the map room and slap the map maker right across the face to cause him to fall back into the steamer and the ink of the maps to run.

Method #4 – Color My World

Now this one requires a little more work to pull off. First thing you need to do is take control of a child. It can be any of them. Next, head down stairs to the second floor and talk to the makeover artist. He is located indoors, opposite the caviar cafeteria. The makeover artist will give the child a crayon hat. Now head back up stairs to the map room and use your new ability to draw all over the maps.

The Grand Mutiny

Now that you have caused all four characters to complain to the captain, you can head through the small gap in the wall to the right of the map room. Stack into these characters, one at a time, and use each of their abilities to get rid of each guard along the way. Eventually, you’ll use the last character, Madamme Habitant, to intimidate the captain and cause him to stop the ship immediately.

Challenge 5 – Get the Gits a Gig

  1. This is a secret challenge that is only accessible after you complete the Grand Mutiny. For this one, you need to get two dolls inside a private club so they can perform on stage.

Method #1 – Fancy Facade

Take control of one of the nice looking dolls in black suits and top hats. Once in control of one, you’ll be able to waltz right on inside with the two brothers so they can perform their song.

Method #2 – Painted Black and White

For this method, you need to take the two brothers down to the makeover artist across from the cafeteria. Once he gives both brothers a top hat, you can take them inside the club so they can sing themselves.

Method #3 – Polly Got a Cracker

Work your way up a size large enough where you can take control fo the pirate. Use the pirate’s special ability to say “Yar,” which just happens to be the password. Head inside and you’ll complete the challenge.

Part 3 – The Zeppelin of Consequence

Challenge 1 – Sort The Lines

  1. Before you can head to the next level, you’ll need to return to the Royal Train Station to complete a challenge. Follow the walkway all the way to the end of the station where you’ll find the ticket booths.

Method #1 – Line Assembly Production

For this first method, all you need to do is stack into each doll in the lines, and move them to the line that they should be in. The far left line should have the smallest dolls, then moving from left to right it should be: medium, large, medium, and then small again. You don’t need to fill up the squares, just get at least one of each in each line, with no one in the wrong one and you should complete the challenge.

Method #2 – Gust of Order

Gain control of the bald headed doll dressed in white whose special ability is to fart. Take him over to the line and use his ability to make every scramble. Next, stack out and then stack into the doll with the red hair and eye patch. Use his ability to rearrange the dolls in order and you’ll clear the challenge.

Method #3 – Uppercut Shuffle

The final, and most satisfying way of completing this challenge is by stacking into the strong armed doll with the mustache and using his uppercut to attack all of the dolls that are standing in the wrong line. Upon being hit, the dolls will run back to their appropriate line.

Challenge 2 – Distract the Bullies

  1. Before you can reach this next challenge, you need to gain control of Judge Meanthal near the ticket window. Take him over to the next train and talk to the conductor to travel to the next level. You can press the right bumper to follow the purple line to locate the train easier.
  2. Unfortunately, you’ll be thrown into the kitchen of the zeppelin with a bunch of other prisoners. Your goal here is to cause an uprising so the prisoners rebel against their two captors.
  3. There is only one way to do this. The first thing you have to do is gain control of the doll with the spice shaker on her head. Use it on another doll to create a scene and cause one of the guards to run over.
  4. Stack out and use Charlie to run under the gate into the next gated off cell.
  5. Stack into the child with the mixer on his head and activate it to get the other guard distracted.
  6. With both guards distracted, the revolutionary doll will be free to jump down. Stack into him and use his ability to rally the children.

Challenge 3 – Get Rid of the Gas

  1. Head up the stairs into the dining room and then head straight until you reach the Fan Service room. There you’ll get your next challenge.

Method #1 – A Blast of Sweet Air

For this first method, look for a doll that is dressed in pink and occassionally emits a flowery purple cloud. Stack into this doll and take her into the Air Exchange room, which is next to the Fan Service room. Walk up to the cloud of smog and press “A” to pass potpourri and freshen the air.

Method #2 – Opera Sucks

For this method, all you have to do is gain control of the large opera singer, take her to the Air Exchange Room, and use her ability to suck up all of the smog.

Method #3 – Override Up High

Use Charlie to head into the fan service room and stack into one of the small engineer dolls. Turn around towards the door and use the engineers ability on the object with the wrench to open the door. Stack into the kid with the balloons and use his ability while on top of the vent inside the fan service room to fly up to platform where an engineer is standing. Stack into the engineer and use his ability on the object above to fix the fan and remove the smoke.

Method #4 – Bun in the Oven

Across from the Fan Service room is an emergency room with a hazmat suit. First, stack into an engineer. Next, stack into the hazmat suit and head into the Air Exchange Room. Walk past the smoke, then stack out and use the engineer to fix the console and get the fan going.

Challenge 4 – Open the Gate

  1. Head down the stairs toward the summit room after completing the previous challenge. Continue following the path and you’ll trigger a cutscene.
  2. Your goal here is to open the large castle gate to free one of the delegates.

Method #1 – Gate Wedgie

The first way to complete the challenge is by making use of the strong wrestler doll inside the ring across from the castle First take control of the large doll with the orange beard. Use his ability, The Northern Kiss, to headbutt the bell and bring down the giant wrestler doll. From there you can gain control of the wrestler and use his ability to forcibly open the gate.

Method #2 – Shaken Up

The second and easiest method of opening the gate is by first gaining control of an engineer. Use his ability to fix the console to the right of the gate. This will cause a hand to come out of the mechanism to the left. Next, stack into the doll in the burgundy colored suit. Use his ability, “A Firm Handshake” to shake the hand to the right of the castle gate.

Method #3 – Inside Job

Finally, head into the crew quarters just behind the wrestling ring and proceed up the stairs. Stack into the woman with the peacock feathers and continue to the end of the walkway. Use her ability at the edge of the railing and you’ll attract the attention of a bird perched on a pipe above. Stack into the bird and press “A” to fly over to the nest. Drop down and then stack into the engineer. Use the engineer’s ability to open the gate from the inside.

Challenge 5 – Break Out of the Brig

  1. In order to get this challenge, you need to be caught by one of the Baron’s security guards while exposed as Charlie Blackmore. Simply work your way toward the summit room without being stacked into anyone and you should get caught eventually.
  2. Once in the brig, you have three ways of escaping.

Method #1 – Out of the Frying Pan

The easiest way to escape is to simply stack into the fireman doll, use his ability to put out the fire, the stack back out to Charlie and walk through the small opening.

Method #2 – Birdman of Brig

This next method of escape involves using the bird at the window of the cell. First, stack in to the dolls until you’re able to control the largest doll in the cell. Push over the dominos stacked near the door to knock over a can that will spill some sort of liquid on the floor. When the bird comes down to clean things up, stack out of the dolls and then into the bird. Fly up to the nest and simply walk over the edge for freedom.

Method #3 – Slip Up

This next method involves setting a trap for the guard. First, stack into the largest doll and push the skate board in front of the cell door. Next, stack out so you control Charlie and hop on the bellows to call the guard in. He will slip on the skateboard, knocking himself out and allowing you to escape.

Challenge 6 – Stop That Car

  1. Once you exit the brig, work your way upstairs to reach the race track. Here you’ll have to find a way to stop the race so the delegate can exit and attend the meeting.

NOTE: Once you finish the first method, you’ll need to do a required challenge that will have you stacking all of the ambassadors and then running for the emergency exit. In order to complete the rest of the methods, you must come back later.
Method #1 – Photo Finish

One of the easiest methods of completing this challenge is by stacking into one of the many photographers around the track, heading up to the bridge above the track, and snapping a photo to blind the driver and stop the car.

Method #2 – Braking for Bananas

This one requires a little more of an effort. The first step is to find the banana dispenser to the right of the various banana vehicles and salesmen. Use Charlie to hop on the bellows and jump up and down to fix it. When the banana salesmen pick the bananas up, you can then stack into them, head over to the gate surrounding the track, and throw a banana onto the track. The monkey driver will immediately stop the car, head out and start chowing on the banana.

Method #3 – Call to Arms

Head up to the bridge above the track and stack into one of the dolls in red that have a bugle. Next, stack into an engineer. Use his ability on the powerbox near the giant speaker Quickly stack out and use the bugle doll’s ability to blow into the speakers.

Method #4 – Rabbit Takes Chimp

This is another really simple method, but it is also easy to miss. Right at the start there is a ramp that takes you up to the rim of the track. Use charlie to move up the ramp and wait for the car to come around. When it does, mash the “Y” button to stack into one of the dolls on the car. From there, you can just keep stacking until you gain control of the driver and can force him to stop the car.

Method #5 – Action Flag

For this method you’ll need to find the director doll. He is the largest of the movie themed dolls around the track. Once you gain control of him, head to the bridge above the track. Use his ability to start filming the flag waver, causing him to wave the flag early, ending the race.

Challenge 7 – Get Mr. Ruffles

  1. This is another optional puzzle that is only available after you free all of the ambassadors.
  2. Press “RB” to follow the purple line over to a spot where three bullies are teasing a child with a stuffed bear. Your goal is to guess which doll is hiding Mr. Ruffles.

Method #1 – Needle in a Doll Stack

The first method requires no real ingenuity. It’s just a simple matter of watching the doll with the bear and not losing it while they shuffle around.

Method #2 – Peek-a-Bully

Now its time to cheat a little. Stack into a banana salesman and throw bananas at the three bullies. When you see the one with the bear, stack out and choose it.

Method #3 – Marked Men

Stack into the medium sized ambassador Osman. He is the one with the stamp on his head. Stamp one of the bullies and watch as they shuffle around. Choose the stamped one to be victorious.

Part 4 – The Triple-Decker Tank Engine

  1. Once again, you’ll first arrive back at the train station for a single challenge before you’re able to move on to the final level.
  2. The clock at the train station is broken, which means that no trains are able to depart. In order to head off to the final stage, you’re going to have to do something about it.

Challenge 1 – Wind the Clock

  1. Method #1 – A Clockwork Pelican
  2. The first method of clearing this challenge is by finding the pelican doll in the lobby of the train station. Use its ability to fly up to the nest, which is located close to where the doll itself is found.
  3. When you reach the nest, stack out to Charlie and hop into the manual winder. Jump up and down to wind the clock.

Method #2 – A Gentleman’s Solution

For the next method, use Charlie to head into the small opening near the door with all of the gears on it in the lobby. Have Charlie hop into the door overwide pump and jump up and down to open the door. Now find the doll in the burgundy suit near the recently opened door and stack into him. Head through the door and use his firm handshake ability to shake the hand switch, which will manually wind the clock.

Method #3 – Wind Under Your Wings

Stack into a balloon child and then head over to the train that took you to the Zeppelin level. Stack into the engineer with the large blue and white striped hat and head to the area with the small opening near the door that Charlie fit through to complete the previous method. Use the engineer’s ability to blow smoke out of his top, then stack out and use the balloon boy’s ability to fly up to the perch above. Follow the path to the next winder and use Charlie to activate it.

Challenge 2 – Defeat Sickle the Sly

  1. Before you can reach Sickle the Sly, you first need to pass a quick and easy little puzzle. Head forward from the start of the level and proceed through the small opening that only Charlie can fit through.
  2. Continue working your way down until you’re interupted by a cutscene.
  3. When the cutscene ends, use Charlie to Stack into the Pedal Dog Feeder and jump up and down to use it to bait the dog.
  4. Stack into the dog when it approaches and use its ability to unlock the pen.
  5. Continue to the next room and you’ll reach Sickle the Sly.

Method #1 – Fire and Ice For the first method, head up to the next floor and stack into both the small kid with the ice bucket and the fireman. Take these two dolls down to where Sly is and first use the Fireman to spray water on him. Next, use the kid with the ice bucket to freeze the water, thereby freezing Sly, making him fearful of catching a cold.

Method #2 – Sneezing Wild Fire

Next up, head back to the pen you unlocked and look for a doll with a pepper shaker on her head. Lead the pepper shaker doll back to Sly and use her ability to make Sly sneeze.

Method #3 – Pigeon Bisque

Head up to the second floor and stack into the doll with the soup bowl on his head. Continue going upwards until you reach a room with a pigeon. Head inside and the pigeon will automatically land on your head. With the nasty pigeon flavored soup on your head, return to Sly, who is so hungry he will immediately slurp up the soup as soon as you get close.

Method #4 – Snot Soup

This one is similar to the previous method. Once again, stack into the soup doll, but this time get the sick doll to sneeze on you. Bring the sickness ridden soup back down to Sly, who will eat it and immediately start to feel sick.

Challenge 3 – Tickle Tiberius the Terrible

  1. Continue along the linear path and you’ll eventually reach the next boss doll, Tiberius the Terrible. You’ll need to find a way to get past this giant’s metal armor if you plan on rescuing more of your family.

Method #1 – Tickle Duster

Head up to the floor above Tiberius and stack into the maid with the giant feather duster. Head back down and use the feather duster to tickle Tiberius into submission.

Method #2 – Feather Face

Stack into the soup boy in the same room as Tiberius. Stack into the pigeon and you’ll be able to land on Tiberius’s head, causing him to freak out.

Method #3 – Hairy A’mor

Head up to the Dining Car and stack into the doll with the train whistle on his head. Use the whistle to wake up the measuring doll that is sleeping on the couch. Stack into the previously sleeping doll stack into him, then head over to the other end of the table where you’ll find a doll with messy hair. His special ability is a Man Hug. Next, stack back into the measuring doll, and then stack into a large female doll so you can make it past the female only room. Once you reach the room where Tiberius is, stack out until you control the measuring doll. Use his ability on Tiberius to get him to take the armor off. Next, use the doll with the Man Hug to hug Tiberius into submission.

NOTE: Before you can move on to the next challenge, you’ll need to find all of the pianist dolls. Head all the way back up to the dining car to find the first four. Then head back down to the other side of the female only area and use the doll with the whistle to wake the sleeping piano player up. Once you find the five, just head down to the piano bar and you’ll find the last one in plain sight.

Challenge 4 – Illuminate the Shadow General

  1. This challenge can be found in the room just beyond the Piano Room.

Method #1 – Flarewell

First thing to do is head into the large piano room and find the doll with the candle on his head. Bring him into the room with the Shadow General and then stack out. Next, pick up the fat doll with the white shirt that farts as his special ability. Use the ability of the candle doll right in front of Shadow General, then switch to the farting doll and flatulate in front of the candle so it creates a giant fireball in front of the Shadow General’s face.

Method #2 – Cookin’ With Gas

Start off by heading out the door and up the ramp to the Gas Room. From there, look for a small doll with a wrench. Use this doll to maintain the switch under the gas line and to the left of the pilot light. Once the gas line is on, you can use the candle doll to light up under the pilot light and turn up the power in the room where the Shadow General is.

Method #3 – Money Generator

Find the small doll with the chest of money. Head into the room with the Shadow gEneral and use the doll’s ability to drop so money on the device at the back of the room. Doing so will cause a plate to stick out. Find the large woman doll who has the special ability known as “Carbon Footprint.” Position her over the plate and use her ability to turn on the light in the room.

Challenge 5 – Scare Simpleton the Strong

  1. The next boss you’ll have to take down is known as Simpleton the strong. In order to get rid of him, you’ll either have to scare him, or get him to leave the room in some other way.

Method #1 – Masked Mirage

The first thing to do is gain control of the Corporate Spy doll. You should be able to spot him immediately by his brown trenchcoat. His ability allows him to place a villainous mask on any other doll to make others think that they work for the Baron. Place a mask on one of the larger dolls that are around the same size as the Baron’s guards. Stack into the disguised doll and head into the room with Simpleton to get him to leave his post.

Method #2 – Sheet Spirit

Head up a level to reach the children’s workshop. Look for the doll hold a bunch of towels and stack into him. Use this doll’s ability to place a towel over the head of the child with a toothbrush on his head to create the illusion of a ghost. Stack into this ghost child and head back down to give Simpleton a scare.

Method #3 – Clownfoolery

Head into the room with the giant jack in the box and stack into the doll with a hammer on his head. Use the doll’s hammer ability to repeatedly attack the doll standing in front of the jack in the box. Eventually, he will get sick of you and open the box. When the box opens, a giant evil looking clown will pop out. Stack into dolls until you’re big enough to stack into the clown. Head back down to where Simpleton is and use the Clown’s ability to scare him off.

Challenge 6 – The Road to the Baron

  1. Now that your family has all been freed, its time to continue forward along the train and reunite with them.
  2. Once you’re all together and you regain control after the cutscene, stack into each member of the Blackmore family and use their abilities to reach the Baron.
  3. Agnes’s ability to clean out will open the first door, Archibald can climb up the narrow gap, Abigail can put out the small fire, Agatha can use her umbrella to shield from the falling rocks, Albert can use his shovel to clear a path, and Charlie can continue the rest of the way to meet his father.

Challenge 8 – Baron Fight – Part 1

  1. For the first part of the baron fight, you’ll need to use both your families abilities in addition to other familiar doll abilities to gradually bring down the Baron.
  2. The first step involves using the flatulating doll to fart into the fireplace, causing the fire to shoot up and burn the Baron.
  3. Next, find a maintenance doll and use him to open the clean out access door next to the fireplace.
  4. Once it’s open, stack into Agnes Blackmore and use her ability to clean out the pipe and knock the Baron away.
  5. Next up is Archibald. Before you stack into him though, stack into the seductress doll that you used way back in the very first challenge of the game.
  6. With the seductress doll in tow, use Archibald to climb up the chimney, then stack out, and use seduce to lure the Baron off the edge.
  7. For the next part, you’ll need to stack into Abigail Blackmore to snuff out the three flames in front of the gate. Once they’re gone, stack into the large wrestler doll and use his Royal Wedgie to open the gate.
  8. Next is
  9. Agatha Blackmore. Use her umbrella ability to stop the rocks from falling. With the rocks out of the way, you can stack into oranged haired female doll with the pony tail and bonnet, whos special ability is to scream for help.
  10. Scream in to the pipe to knock the Baron away once again.
  11. Finally, stack into Albert Blackmore and then into the bird doll.
  12. Use the bird to fly to its nest, then stack out to Albert and use his shovel to drop a rock onto the Baron.

Challenge 7 – Baron Fight – Part 2

  1. Use the farting doll once again (boy is he useful, to fart at the wooden gate, causing a huge and dramatic explosion that sets the stage for the final battle against the Baron.
  2. You’ll notice that the Baron jumps into three types of dolls. One with a stack of papers, one with a rock, and one with a pair of scissors on their heads. Remind you of a certain children’s game?
  3. That’s right, this battle is basically a game of rock, paper scissors. When the Baron hops into a doll with a rock, you need to get into a doll with paper and then use your attack when he gets close.
  4. When he gets into a doll with paper, grab the doll with scissors. And finally, when he gets into a doll with scissors, stack into the doll with the rock.
  5. Attack him four times with the appropriate doll and you’ll have completed Stacking!
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