Star Citizen has netted over $300 million in backing

By FileTrekker 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

Star Citizen is still technically unreleased and under development, albeit available to play right now in beta, but that hasn't stopped it netting over $300,000,000 in crowdfunding to date, making it one of the highest grossing games to date, in a way.

The game doesn't make sales in the traditional sense, instead, access to the game is currently offered by backing the project. That hasn't stopped the game becoming hugely popular, and it even has it's own convention, CitizenCon, already.

The game seems to be going from strength to strength, indeed, in November the game raised up to $9 Million in backing, which is pretty huge for just one month.... indeed, the funding raised so far surpasses the development budget of GTA V, to put it in perspective.

Alien Week is currently underway in the game, where players will get involved with extraterrestrials, with various alien ships on sale currently. 

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