Star Citizen Hits $19 Million, Up Next: FPS Planets

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Posted on September 18, 2013, Mike Sharkey Star Citizen Hits $19 Million, Up Next: FPS Planets

Make it $19 million. Continuing its steady, money siphoning march to gaming history, Star Citizen shot past yet another stretch goal yesterday, bringing it one step closer to its end goal of $22 million and the title of the first truly AAA game to be completely crowdfunded. In related news: the alchemist Chris Roberts has decided to change Star Citizen’s name to Chrysopoeia.

Okay, so I made that last part up. But honestly, would you be surprised to discover Chris Roberts is actually an alchemist that’s created the formula to turn anything into gold? (And yes, I had to look up the word for that and have no clue how to pronounce Chrysopoeia.)

If you’re just joining us, here’s the Cliff’s Notes: Chris Roberts, he of Wing Commander fame, launched his Star Citizen crowdfunding campaign almost one year ago. Roberts sought $2 million. Less than 12 months later, he’s sitting on $19 million, and the money continues to pour in.

The $19 million stretch goal added the ability to own and operate a “limited number” of space stations across the galaxy. It’s a nice addition, but the big new feature will likely be greenlit when Star Citizen crosses the $20 million marker in a couple weeks or so: first-person combat. We knew there would be shootouts at space stations on docking platforms, but with $20, Roberts Space Industries says it will create entire lawless planets where FPS battles take place.

Did I mention this entire massive universe of a space sim is crowdfunded?

Back in July, I spoke with Chris Roberts when Star Citizen was at a lowly $14 million. Yes, in under three months, this project has gained another $5 million. Three months. Five million dollars. I suspect we’ll be celebrating $20 million and the end goal of $22 million before too long.

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