Star Wars Battlefront Hero Blast Mod

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Published by FileTrekker 4 years ago , last updated 4 years ago

This new mod for Star Wars Battlefront unlocks unused content found within the game, including a new game mode that was cut from the final game, which is way more fun than the normal ones, although naturally, expect there to be some bugs.

Like all content restoration mods, they aren't made of entirely new content, but instead unlock unfinished parts of the game that remained in the code, but were not accessible to players, either due to time constraints, bugs, or in the famous case of the Hot Coffee mode in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, they were considered a bit too on the wrong side of taste.

This mod, by BDangercat, unlocks the Hero Only mode of Team Deathmatch Blast, and the feature is surprisingly largely complete, intact with all the intended menus, albeit the Hero selection screen is slightly buggy and unusual. The game mode features a Heros Only rendition of good old deathmatch, which brings a little bit of balance back to online games, by removing the unfair handicap that DLC has managed to introduce, and as such is a great mode to play with friends and groups.

If you want to grab the mod, it's available now at [url=]NexusMods[/url].

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