Star Wars: Battlefront III Legacy Open Beta 3 out now

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Published by FileTrekker 1 year ago , last updated 9 months ago

A new open beta for the Star Wars: Battlefront III Legacy mod, which aims to bring back lost content from Star Wars: Battlefront III, is now available to download, and has all new and improved content, and a new trailer showing off the mod.

The project, by author El Fabrico, has been going for some time now, and surprisingly has not yet faced any resistance from EA or Disney. The new  version adds all new content to the mod, as well as fixes and improvements to existing content. It includes such content as the Clone Wars and GCW, as well as other new additions.

Also included is a new HUD and interface, as well as improved graphics and textures, which aim to emulate the 2005 era graphics, in order to make it feel authentic to the period in which it would have been released.

The mod is of course, still under development, but Beta 3 is a great leap forward and definitely worth a download. This is touted to be the last beta for the game before it heads towards full release, with even more maps, and GCW content, as well as new game modes.

You can grab the mod now from our friends at ModDB.

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