Star Wars Eclipse - Announcement

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Published by Digz 5 months ago , last updated 5 months ago

Lucas Film Games and Quantic Dream have released an official cinematic trailer for Star Wars Eclipse, which was revealed at The Game Awards yesterday evening. 

It's the first game of the brand new High Republic era for Star Wars, which will allow us to explore it and soak in the tensions, storylines and drama before the latest movies and series hit us in a few years. 

The game is currently in early development, and so far, we know that it will take us on a journey through multiple characters that will meet in their journeys and lives throughout the galaxy. As a player, you'll create unique stories and make choices that will affect the character and, of course, the galaxy. 

The game will be focused on the Outer Rim with never seen before planets that will offer the developers the unique ability to be creative and try to create a scene of the High Republic era that will take Star Wars into the hearts and minds of the new generation. We'll bring you more information as we get it on Star Wars Eclipse, but in the meantime, sit back, relax, and enjoy the official cinematic.

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