Star Wars: Squadrons Cinematic Release Trailer

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Published by Digz 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

EA Games released their cinematic trailer for Star Wars: Squadrons called "Hunted" recently. It released next week on the 2nd October so if you haven't hit that pre-order you may want to now! Take your path through familiar places in the Star Wars universe like Esseles and even Yavin Prime, the home to the old Rebel base. With at least four ships to choose from in either faction Imperial or the New Republic hangar, you can take your pick between the nostalgic X-Wing or the Tie Interceptor, which is the upgraded Tie fighter we see in the movies.

You'll have your story to get through which provides a fascinating insight into a pilots life in the Star Wars universe but you can also pick out dogfights and fleet battles too to really test your skill. This game is hyped to be one of the most immersive non-Jedi/Sith Star Wars games and we hope it lives up to it!

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